Images Of Zotac GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 AMP Graphics Cards Leak Online

With the floodgates for NVIDIA’s soon-to-be announced custom-cooled GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti GPUs already opened, leaked images of Zotac’s own custom-cooled cards have also made their way on to the internet. On a related note, it also looks like the new Turing-powered GeForce series will be shipped out under the Zotac Gaming brand, as well as the company’s AMP graphics card series
As mentioned by Videocardz, graphics cards released under Zotac’s AMP series usually comes fitted with a two fan solution. And it’s a bit of a surprise to see that the company has added in an extra fan, turning it into a three-fan cooling solution.

Both cards look identical in design, but both cards will each require a different power delivery to run. The RTX 2080 comes with an 8+6-pin PCIe power configuration, while the RTX 2080 Ti will require two 8-pin PCIe power connectors to run. So take note that the leaked image for the RTX 2080 Ti here is actually incorrect.
Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, announced the Turing GPU architecture at Siggraph 2018 less than a week ago. The new GPU architecture is loaded with tons of new technology, chief among which being the adoption of the new GDDR6 memory interface, RT (ray-tracing) Cores, and Tensor Cores for the use of AI computation.

There’s still not alot known about the specification of NVIDIA’s next-generation Turing-powered, gaming-grade GPU, and understandably so. But, seeing how Gamescom 2018 and NVIDIA’s special launch day is only days away, it’s safe to say that we’ll know more about the cards then.
(Source: Videocardz)
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Nokia 2.1 Android Go Phone Now Available in Malaysia For RM 415

Almost 3 months after its global debut, the Nokia 2.1 is now officially in Malaysia. The new model which is the successor to the 2017’s Nokia 2 is said carry more performance while still able to retain long battery life.
Built with a 5.5-inch HD display, the new phone is running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 alongside 1GB RAM and 8GB internal story. Given the limited memory and storage, it is rather natural that HMD Global has pre-installed the device with Android 8.1 Oreo Go edition which in-line with the company’s policy of providing pure Android experience to its devices.

Other than that, the Nokia 2.1 is also equipped with an 8MP autofocus rear camera alongside a 5MP fixed focus front camera. Alongside its 4000mAh battery, HMD Global has implemented dual front speakers on the phone which is a rather interesting decision by the company.
Available in Blue/Copper and Grey/Silver colorways, the new Nokia 2.1 phone can be obtained from retailers throughout Malaysia for RM 415 starting from today onwards.
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#LYTV: Do We Need An Unlimited Plans?

As opposed to fixed home broadband, the mobile space in Malaysia is quite competitive. Thanks to that, consumers have so many choices when it comes to data plans but with the rapid increase of content consumption, some users might find that these normal offerings which come with certain data cap is no longer enough for them.
Now, they have access to unlimited plans such as the Giler Unlimited GX30 Prepaid and Giler Unlimited GX50 Postpaid from U Mobile. First made public around two months ago, there are not much mobile plans out there that are able to match the value for money that these two plans offered.

To learn more about U Mobile Giler Unlimited offerings, check out our previous report about them right here or head on straight to U Mobile’s official website.
Disclaimer: this video is sponsored by U Mobile.
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MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio Graphics Card Leaks Out: Alongside A Non-Ti Variant

With only few days left out before NVIDIA is expected to officially unveiled its next generation GeForce graphics card, a new set of leak might have dampen (or heighthen, depending on how you look at it) the company’s preparation. Coming from the well-known serial leaker, VideoCardz, these are what could be the first pre-launch confirmation of GeForce RTX 20 series.
Part of the company’s Gaming X Trio series, they come in the form of GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and GeForce RTX 2080. Feast your eyes on these images:

While no exact specs have been mentioned, the site pointed out that the card carries the new VirtualLink USB Type-C connector that is designed for virtual reality headsets. At the same time, another connector called NVLink has also been spotted on the new card and it apparently replaces the usual SLI connector for the card.
The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti card from MSI apparently comes with a pair of 8-pin power connectors as well. Meanwhile, no details have been released for the MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio but nevertheless, we expect the card will feature plenty of similar characteristics as per its Ti-based sibling.

Well, guess the flood gate has now been opened. Expect to see more custom cards being leaked into the net very soon but then again, there is exactly no need to rush things out since the actual launch event supposedly going to happened in just few days anyway.
(Source: VideoCardz)
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ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Hands On: Pushing Through The Ultra-Slim Limits

As gaming notebooks got thinner and thinner, they also inadvertently got wider and wider. It’s as if whatever is lost in height has been added to width and length instead. But if the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S is a sign of things to come, then perhaps we will be seeing more gaming notebooks that are not only thinner, but also have a smaller footprint as well.
It may not be immediately obvious, but due to the thinner bezels, ASUS has essentially squeezed a 15.6- display into a 14.2-inch frame. This, then, satisfies those who like the now-standard display size of 15.6″, while also gratifying gamers of a previous age who prefer the more portable 14-inch form factor. And with the rarity of 14″ gaming notebooks these days, this is a major plus point for us.

The ROG Zephyrus S shares a similar trait with its larger brothers – an extremely thin profile, and as a result, am extremely thin lid housing the display. Once you flip it up, you’ll see the familiar chiclet keyboard with very shallow travel.
Fortunately, actuation only happens when you press a key nearly all the way, so typing shouldn’t feel too awkward. On the other hand, though, there’s the mousepad / numpad hybrid from the first Zephyrus, which could go both ways depending on your preference.
Also making a return is the unique feature of the bottom panel coming off the main unit for better airflow into the fans. ASUS claims that it has figured out the dust buildup issue, but since we didn’t have much time with it, it’s hard to say for sure if that’s really the case.
The same goes for the noise and heat, though we suspect nothing much has changed on this front. Also worth noting that the bottom panel this time felt especially delicate. This, combined with the thin lid and equality slim bezels, gives the impression that it will require more care to go with the better portability.

While there hasn’t been any major updates in the Zephyrus S compared to its predecessors, the smaller (and dare we say, perfect) form factor has definitely renewed our interest in the series. However, there are also a few important questions left unanswered, such as battery life. But if there’s a chance to discover that the Zephyrus S is the perfect mobile gaming machine, then we’d like to take that chance.
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Apple Patents Alternate Fingerprint Scanner Technology

A new patent unearthed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) shows that Apple is going in a different direction for in-screen fingerprint scanning technology. Instead of a small image sensor, it aims to use a large dielectric sensor to read fingerprints.
The patent sketches shows how the system will work. Apple envisions the dielectric sensor to take a large portion of the screen, rather than just a small patch. Unlike the singular ultrasonic fingerprint sensor shown by Qualcomm or the optical-based sensor seen on devices such as the Vivo NEX, this system will use multiple sensors used concurrently with multiple cameras to read the ridges and valleys in a fingerprint.
An advantage of this system is the sheer size of the scanner; it allows scanning to be done on almost any part of the screen, and there is potential of multi-finger scanning as well. The drawback would be the price, as a new system will not have the economic of scale afforded by tried-and-tested hardware.
We will have to wait and see if Apple will actually roll out this new scanner. Even we try to be optimistic, it is likely that this technology will not be out until few years down the road.
(Source: USPTO via PhoneArena, PatentlyApple)
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HotlinkMU Great GIGA Sale Giving Away 61GB Data For Free

Hotlink has announced that it is giving away 61GB of data for free from today onwards. The massive data giveaway is being done as part of HotlinkMU Great GIGA Sale.
In order to obtain the free 61GB data, all users need to do is purchase eligible internet passes through Hotlink RED mobile apps. All of these eligible passes are listed directly under the HotlinkMU section of the app.
According to Maxis, the free 61GB of data can be utilized without any speed caps and time restrictions. There is no additional steps to activate the free data as well since it will be turned on automatically once customers purchased any of those eligible passes.
That being said, the free data will not last forever though as the GIGA Sale promo will end on 20 August 2018 at 11:59pm. Nevertheless, a deal is a deal, so do take advantage of the promo while you still can.
(Source: Hotlink)
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PlayStation 4 Fortnite Bundle Pack Coming to Malaysia for RM1,272

If you don’t already have a PlayStation 4, and you’re an avid Fortnite player, you may be interested in this bundle. Available in Malaysia from 27 August onwards, the PlayStation 4 Fortnite Bundle Pack offers some pretty neat in-game items.
Retailing at RM1,272.64 – the same price as a standard 500GB PlayStation 4 – the Fortnite Bundle Pack includes a regular PlayStation 4 console with 500GB of storage, a one-month subscription to PlayStation Plus (only redeemable for those who do not have an active subscription), as well as 500 V-Bucks – Fortnite’s in-game currency. That’s enough V-Bucks to purchase a rare emote.
Of course, those who purchase the bundle will also receive an exclusive skin: the Royale Bomber. As far as we can tell, the only way to get the skin is by purchasing this console bundle.

However, if you want a PlayStation 4 Pro console instead, you’re out of luck. It seems like Sony is only bringing in the regular model for this Fortnite bundle. At least, that’s the case for our market.
The PlayStation 4 Fortnite Bundle Pack will be available in Malaysia on 27 August. Considering the fact that it costs the same as a standard PS4, it’s quite an interesting bundle for Fortnite players who are planning to get the console.
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Samsung Patents Self-repairing Oleophobic Coating For Displays

Most smartphones today feature some sort of oleophobic or oil-repellent coating on its displays, mainly to prevent fingerprint marks. Sadly, the coating will wear off or even scratched off if not treated properly. Samsung seemingly has found a way to allow the coating to self-heal according to a recently filed patent at the World Intellectual Property Ogranization (WIPO).
The patent listed several chemical compounds – polyrotaxane, polyhedral silsesquioxane, and fluorinated (meth)acryl – as well as lamination, presumably to bind the chemicals onto the glass screen. The mechanics of how the screen will heal itself is not mentioned, but the patent says that the new screen will have a low friction coefficient with excellent slip properties, excellent water repellency, and high hardness and transparency.
The sketch on how the anti-fingerprint layer will be deployed on t a folding screen
Having these properties will ensure any skin oils will not stick onto the glass, thus preventing it becoming a fingerprint magnet. Interestingly, the patent also shows a folding screen as part of the patent application, hinting that this technology may be used in the future Galaxy smartphones.
Well, we still have to wait and see if this technology will actually appeared on Samsung future devices though as not all patents made their way to real life products. Nevertheless, it may be the answers to our prayers of having smartphones that no longer act as fingerprint magnets.
(Source: WIPO via Android Headlines)
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TM Reduces Free LTE Data For unifi Mobile SIM Card From 10GB to 2GB

Thanks to a tipster, we have now learned that TM has reduced the amount of free LTE data that customers would receive when they subscribe to unifi Mobile. When the service was first launched in late January 2018, customers received 20GB free LTE data and able to register up to 5 numbers at the same time.
Barely one month after that, the amount of free data was then reduced to 10GB. At the same time, TM has also limited the amount of SIM cards to three per customers.

Now, users will only receive 2GB of free LTE data. Additionally, each customers can only obtain one SIM card per individual.
The FAQ section for unifi Mobile has also been updated to reflect the changes. However, TM didn’t provide any reason behind the decision to reduce the amount of free data although it still referring to the complimentary as “promotion” inside the FAQ section.
(Source: unifi Mobile. // Thanks for the tips, Chor Win Lee!)
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