AEON Launches Its Own e-Wallet And Visa Prepaid Card

AEON Group has officially launched its AEON Wallet mobile app, as well as the AEON Member Plus Visa Card.


The launch makes the store the first supermarket chain to have its own e-wallet. This primarily acts as a supplement to the AEON Member Plus Visa Card.

As you’d expect from the name, the AEON Member Plus Visa Card is mainly the supermarket chain’s member card. You can collect points when paying for your shopping at AEON Retailer Outlets using said card.

Thanks to Visa being a part of the name, the outlet’s new card also doubles as a prepaid card. This means that the card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. In keeping with the times, it can also make use of Visa’s payWave tech.

As a prepaid card, you’ll need to load cash into the AEON Member Plus Visa Card before you start using it. This can be done via the AEON Wallet app, as well as AEON Retailer Outlets and AEON Credit Service ATMs. The standard internet banking option is also available if that’s what you prefer.

The AEON Wallet app is already available, and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or from iOS.








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