Alleged Sony PlayStation 5 Devkit Console Leaked Online

There have been speculations on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console may look like, with fanmade renders and alleged leaks popping up online to keep eager fans guessing. While it may take a while until we would eventually catch an actual glimpse of the console next year, alleged images of the PS5’s devkit consoles has been spotted in the wild.


Uploaded by Twitter user Alcoholikaust aka The Drunk Cat, is an image that shows a pair of supposed PS5 devkit consoles taken from an unknown location – which we can assume is from a game development studio. Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge, confirms that these are indeed the actual devkits that are handed out by Sony to developers.

Warren also noted that the reason for the “V” shape design is so that the console can vent properly while being easily stacked for undergoing multiple stress tests. He added that the cooling is optimised to push air out of its sides and center. Seeing that it is the fifth iteration of the PlayStation console, it’s also worth pointing out that the “V” design could also represent the roman numeral for the number “5”.

Along with the devkit consoles are what may appear to be either the DualShock 4 controllers or early prototypes for the DualShock 5. If the controllers seen are of the former that the developers are testing their games on, there’s a possibility that the PlayStation 5’s newer controller may not have different gimmicks compared to its predecessor.

On an interesting note, the devkit’s PS5 “V” shape design first surfaced from a patent leak uncovered by LetsGoDigital a while back, and seems to match up almost perfectly. As we’ve reported back in April, another alleged leaked image of the PS5 devkit was uploaded online but differs in design for both its console and controller.

Even though this design for the PS5 devkit has been confirmed by a reliable source, it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt – as always. On the other hand, devkit designs will usually differ from the finalised retail version, so we may not see this version of the console sitting in our living rooms. The PlayStation 5 is expected to be released sometime in November 2020.

[Source: Twitter – Alcoholikaust, Tom Warren // LetsGoDigital.]















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