Alleged Volta-based GTX Titan X Graphics Card Leaked By Nvidia Intern

You know, one of the things that an intern is not supposed to do is to release images of unannounced products publicly. Apparently, a brave Nvidia intern has posted images of what seems like an brand new, never before seen Volta-based GTX Titan X graphics card.

So, how do we know that this graphics card isn’t simply a current Titan X card with a fancy new cooler shroud? First up is the obvious colour difference on the cooler shroud of the leaked graphics card. It comes in a gold/yellow colour scheme, which is similar to the recently announced Tesla V100.

In addition, the unreleased graphics card seems to also be equipped with NVLink connectors, instead of Nvidia’s traditional SLI connectors. This graphics card is also not a cleverly modified Tesla P100 either, because the Tesla card has power connectors located on the left side – the leaked graphics card has power connectors on the right.

One other intriguing detail about this leak is the fact that, according to sources, the intern specifically mentioned, in Facebook, that the graphics card is a Titan X Volta. Of course, the actual leak, which was posted on Facebook, is now no longer available.

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One thing that I find odd about this leak is how an ‘intern’ was able to get his eyes on a high profile and confidential product like this in the first place. Regardless, we urge our readers to take this one with a grain of salt, for now.

(Source: VideoCardz via Reddit,

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