Alleged Xbox Series X Live Photos Leaked Online

Microsoft first revealed its brand new home console, the Xbox Series X, during The Game Awards 2019 back in December. Its world premiere trailer didn’t reveal much of the console’s details aside from its minimalist design, but a recent leak may help us remedy that problem.


Twitter user Doug_Dragox has uploaded two alleged live photos of an Xbox Series X prototype unit, showcasing the console’s front and rear design. Thurrot.com’s Brad Sams claims that these images are authentic, based on information he gathered from industry insiders.

In front, we can see that the console sports a vertical disc slot with what appears to be an eject button above it, a single USB-A port with an unspecified black button on top, and the Xbox logo on the top left. It’s uncertain if the black button or the Xbox logo would function as the console’s power switch.

The second photo showcases the console’s back which depicts its dual rear vents, and a variety of ports consisting of two USB-A, a single HDMI-out, an optical audio port, an Ethernet port, and a power-in slot. Sams explained that the large rectangular port is used for diagnostics and will not be included in the commercial release.

Besides that, the unit also features a label with “Xbox Product Name Placeholder” and “Prototype – Not For Sale” displayed on it. Sams also points out that the prototype console’s barcode and serial number are identifiable in the leaked images, which could actually spell trouble for the person who was assigned this unit.

In anycase, these photos could probably be our best look at the upcoming Microsoft console – albeit a prototype version. The Xbox Series X is expected to release sometime at the end of 2020.

(Source: Doug_Dragox via Twitter / Thurrot.com.)















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