Apple Might Be Working With LG For Its First Folding iPhone

Its no secret that Samsung is the OLED panel supplier for Apple’s latest iPhone X. In fact, Samsung will actually benefit from the sales of the iPhone X once Apple starts shipping out the device. But it seems like Apple might be getting OLED panels for its newer iPhones from LG instead.

According to The Investor – which quoted The Bell – LG will be producing OLED panels for a folding iPhone for Apple in 2020. LG has also been Apple’s long time LCD display supplier, so no surprises if both companies are working together again for Apple’s next iPhone.

Apple is also considering to invest in LG’s new plant to speed up the production of the OLED panels. Probably so that Apple could start production for its folding iPhone as soon as possible. However, given the time needed for LG to produce the OLED displays, Samsung will most probably release its own folding smartphone which is said to be releasing by the end of 2017 or early 2018.

It will be very interesting to see Apple’s take on a foldable iPhone, since Samsung is going to unveil its own foldable smartphone soon. In a few years time, we could be seeing more foldable smartphones appearing in the market. Even ZTE is having a go at it with a different approach of a foldable smartphone.

(Source: The Investor)








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