Apple Support App for iOS Now Available in Malaysia

If you had problems with your iOS devices in the past, and you weren’t quite sure how to go about fixing said problems, good news: the Apple Support app is now officially available in Malaysia.

Basically, Apple Support lets you do various things to solve any issue you may have with your iOS devices. For one, you can troubleshoot issues with your phone using the app – there are helpful articles and questions to help you narrow down the problem. We imagine this will be especially useful to those who are not very tech-savvy.

Aside from that, Apple Support also automatically detects all of your iOS devices, and we mean all of them. Not only does this help you solve issues specific to your particular device, you can also check if any of them are still under warranty; very useful.

If you still have an issue that you can’t solve with Apple Support’s guide, you can easily get on a phone call with Apple from within the app to help you further. And if you do need to send your device in for repair, you can also make an appointment with any service centre through Apple Support.

Essentially, Apple Support simplifies the troubleshooting process, and it may very well be a godsend to consumers. The Apple Support can now be downloaded from the App Store.








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