ASRock Adds Intel 9th Gen Processor Support For Its 300-series Motherboards

ASRock has just announced that its existing lineup of 300-series motherboards now supports Intel’s upcoming 9th generation processors. This, of course, means that the company’s Z370, H370, B360, and H310 mainboards will all be compatible with Intel’s soon to be launched 9000 series processors.


As expected, users are required to update the BIOS on their ASRock 300-series motherboards to support Intel 9th generation processors. In addition, newly manufactured 300-series mainboards from the company will have the “8Core CPU support” sticker on the product box to indicate that they are compatible with Intel’s upcoming CPUs.

What’s even more interesting about ASRock’s announcement is the fact that it somewhat confirms that Intel is indeed planning to release its 8-core lineup of processors soon. Besides that, given how ASRock’s existing motherboards will be supporting Intel’s soon to be launched CPUs, it gives us an indication that the blue company’s new processors will come TDP ratings that are not so different from existing 8th generation CPUs.

Regardless, we look forward to see just how well Intel’s upcoming lineup of 8-core processors will perform. For those who are wondering, the full list of ASRock 300-series mainboards that are compatible with the new BIOS update is listed on the company’s official website.

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