Astro 4K UHD Set Top Box To Be Available Later This Year

Starting from today onwards, Astro has begun to showcase its 4K UHD broadcast through public screening sessions at selected F&B outlets and retail stores. These sessions generally act as teasers for Astro 4K UHD service that will be made available to public before the end of 2018.


However, the finer details regarding Astro 4K UHD service is not available at this moment. While the list of contents for the service is still being finalized, the company pointed out that it would likely include although not limited to live sports such as EPL matches and F1 races that it is currently showing at the 4K UHD public screenings as well as movies and general entertainment.

Meanwhile, the company has also confirmed that customers will need the new Astro 4K UHD set top box that will be released very soon in order to enjoy the upcoming service. Over at its official website, Astro stated that its 4K UHD service is being broadcast at a resolution of 3840×2160 with up to 50fps frame rate and 10-bit color depth.

The company also recommended users to utilize the Astro UHD service with 4K UHD TV that has a screen of 55-inch and above. If you are interested to know more about the service in the near future, Astro has actually opened up the registration of interest for Astro 4K UHD service at its website.








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