Astro and Maxis Join Forces To Deliver Broadband Bundle, Starts At RM 69 for 30Mbps

Astro and Maxis today has announced that they have partnered together to offer an all-in-one broadband and content package called Astro & Broadband. Available starting from today onwards, it is available with two speed options: 30Mbps and 100Mbps.


According to Astro’s official website, the Astro & Broadband package offers total savings of up to RM 720 over the period of 24-month. The exact rebate that customers able to obtain ranges from RM 5 to RM 25 per month and depends on the type of the Astro content pack that they choose.

Here is the breakdown of the said rebate:

For existing Astro customers, they can add the broadband option into their current subscription for as low as RM 69 for 30Mbps and RM 99 for 100Mbps, depending on their existing content packs and Auto Debit preferences. Do note that the Astro & Broadband package comes with a 24-month contract duration.

While the details above might seem rather straight forward, there are still a lot more to them in this lengthy FAQ document (PDF) at Astro’s official website. So, make sure that you go through and understand every single detail before moving forward.

(Source: Astro / Maxis.)








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