ASUS Showcases Professional And Gaming Monitors At Special All Out Event

ASUS is one of PC makers in the world that not only produces its own PC components, but also its own PC monitors. On top of that, it actually produces monitors for both its gaming and professional market segments. To that end, ASUS Malaysia held a special All Out monitor showcase event at its office to give a look at all the monitors that it currently sells in Malaysia.

For its gaming monitor segment, ASUS actually has a fair number of AMD Freesync monitors on hand. A couple of these variants – the VG255H and VG245H – essentially come with a higher than average 75Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, and are available in sizes between 25-inches and 27-inches.

ASUS also had the ROG Strix XG258Q on the floor; the company’s only Freesync monitor that also features a refresh rate of 240Hz and 1ms response time.

On the professional side of things, ASUS was also showcasing several of its Designo series monitors, which included the MZ27AQ and the MX34VQ. Both these monitors feature a more streamlined design and a thinner profile; ASUS says that this makes them look more suited for a corporate and office environment.

The two models also share a couple of key features. The first is that both of them are 1440p monitors, although the MX34VQ is a curved and ultra-wide monitor, and therefore has a resolution of 3440 x 1440, versus the MZ27AQ’s native resolution of 2560 x 1440. The second feature is that both monitors come built with Harman Kardon speakers that, to our surprise, actually sounded pretty decent.

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With regards to the MX34VQ, the monitor also comes equipped with a Qi wireless charging platform, although it should be noted that it the platform doesn’t seem to support fast wireless charging.

All of the monitors mentioned in this article are already available for purchase at all authorised ASUS resellers and stores.

  • ASUS-MG248QR-Gaming-Monitor


  • ASUS-Gaming-Monitors


  • ASUS-VG255H-AMD-Freesync-75Hz-Gaming-Monitor


  • ASUS-VG245H-AMD-Freesync-75Hz-Gaming-Monitor


  • ASUS-ROG-Swift-PG27UQ-4K-HDR-144Hz-Gaming-Monitor


  • ASUS-ROG-Strix-XG258Q-AMD-Freesync-240Hz-Gaming-Monitor


  • ASUS-PG329Q-Pro-Monitor


  • ASUS-MZ27AQ-Professional-Monitor


  • ASUS-MX24VQ-Ultrawide-Entertainment-Monitor


  • ASUS-MX24VQ-Ultrawide-Entertainment-Monitor-back


  • ASUS-MX24VQ-Ultrawide-Entertainment-Monitor-Qi-Charging-Pad









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