A MediaTek Critical Security Bug Has Been Discovered And Exploited

MediaTek, the Taiwanese semiconductor and chipset maker, has found itself in some rather hot water. As it turns out, a critical security exploit was discovered within a rootkit that would effectively leave many MediaTek SoC-powered device vulnerable to exploitation.
The discovery was made by XDA developer, diplomatic, who was actually looking for an easy way to root Amazon Fire HD tablets. Once he found his avenue, things simply just took off from there. To cut a very long story short, the exploit soon deemed to be a pretty severe threat to MediaTek-powered Android device. It forced Google’s hand, prompting the search engine’s software engineers to work with XDA in order to fix the problem.
At the time of writing, XDA says that the exploits affect almost every single 64-bit MediaTek processor unless it’s been patched. To that end, several brands that use the brand’s chipsets – this includes Samsung, Vivo, Huawei, HONOR, and OPPO, to name a few – have already patched their devices.
(Image source: Android Central.)
It should be noted that MediaTek-powered phones running Android 10 or later are not affected. While devices from said brands running Android 8.0 Oreo or later have already been patched. As for the affected Amazon Fire HD tablets, the tablets can be patched, provided they’ve been updated with a specific firmware version.

(Source: XDA via Android Central)
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Daniel Radcliffe Will Not Be Returning As Harry Potter Anytime Soon

Daniel Radcliffe has had such a wonderful run as the famed wizard in the Harry Potter films. However, it seems like the actor has distanced himself from the spotlight and from the role with his efforts focusing on Indie projects like Horns and Jungle. That’s not to say that he’s wearing the invisibility cloak all the time as he also featured in blockbuster features like Now you See Me 2. But surely, the one thing Potterheads may be clamouring for is his return to his most famed role.
In an interview with Variety to promote his upcoming film, Escape from Pretoria, the actor was asked about the possibility of him ever reprising his role as the “boy who lived” in a future Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts sequel, to which he replied:
I don’t think so. I don’t like [to] say no to things, but it’s [Harry Potter] not something that I’m rushing to do. I feel like those films have moved on and they’re doing just fine without us. I’m happy to keep it that way. I like what my life is now. I’m not saying that I’ll never go back into any franchise, but I like the flexibility that I have with my career now. And I don’t want to get into a situation where I’m signed up for one series for years in advance.

While it certainly looks like we would not see the actor leap in for a cameo in the next Fantastic Beasts movie which is slated for 2021, I can definitely comprehend his side of things. The Muggle life, out of the blockbuster spotlight, might prove to be appealing due to his constant work on theHarry Potter character as a child. He would also want an attempt at making a name for himself with his other projects and not forever be known as the kid who played the boy wizard. So, yes, do not expect him to snatch up a Golden Snitch in a game of Quidditch so soon.
While you might not be able to see Radcliffe leap back into Hogwarts, you can certainly watch his latest film, Guns Akimbo, which will be released this week. Just have a look at the trailer. You’re in for a wild ride with Hairy Potter…
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Foxconn To Resume iPhone Production In Full Force By Late March

The coronavirus outbreak in China had resulted in Apple supplier Foxconn to halt production of iPhones at its Zengzhou factory. The Taiwanese firm had recently told Reuters that production would resume in full force by late March.
They added that production had cautiously restarted last month, with more than half of its workforce continuing work. However, Foxconn was unable to predict the virus’ impact on its revenue for the year, which dropped more than 10 percent.

“Prevention of outbreak, resumption of work and production are our top priority,” said company chairman Liu Young-Way. He also assured investors during an online conference that there were no big problems with the supply chain, and that Foxconn is helping suppliers to resume work.
The coronavirus had resulted in companies such as Samsung and LG to shut down factories and halt production as well. Furthermore, it had also lead to the cancellation or delay of events such as MWC, GTC and Taipei Game Show.
(Source: Reuters)

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Apple Agrees To Pay US$500 Million Fine For Purposely Slowing Down Old iPhones

Apple has agreed to pay up US$500 million (~RM2.13 billion) over an accusation that it purposely slowed down older iPhone models in order to subtly force owners to switch up to the latest iPhone model or replace their phone’s battery.
The agreement, which was disclosed last Friday, will still require approval by a US judge. To break down the settlement, Apple will have to pay consumers US$25 (~RM105) per affected iPhone. That amount may change based on the number of eligible iPhones, but Apple will still need to payout a minimum of US$310 million (~RM1.3 billion) to affected users. On a side note, the settlement will only cover US owners, and not global owners.
Moving on, the affected iPhone models include the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, and SE that ran on iOS 10.2.1 or later. This also includes iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models that ran iOS 11.2 or later before 21 December 2017.

Many users of the above iPhone models began complaining to Apple of a “throttling” effect to their phones after it updated to iOS 10.2.1. The fruit company initially tried to sway public opinion towards the possibility of temperature changes and other issues.
When the cat was let out of the bag that Apple was purposely creating the scenario, it apologised and agreed to sell replacement batteries for affected iPhone at US$29 (~RM121), down from US$79 (~RM332).
(Source: Reuters // Image: Getty Images)
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You Can Now Trade Ripple On Luno

Luno has officially added a new cryptocurrency to its platform. Starting today, Luno members will be able to trade using Ripple (XRP).
To celebrate the addition, Luno will allow users to trade with the cryptocurrency at a reduced fee. For a period of 30 days after its launch.
Prior to the addition of XRP, Luno was only able to trade in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETC). Ripple itself is a digital currency that stems from XRP Ledger, a peer-to-peer, decentralised cryptographic ledger. Luno says that it decided to add XRP to its platform, mainly because of its growing demand.
Value-wise, XRP’s average price sits at US$0.23 (~RM0.97), but has a 24-hour volume of more than US$603 million (~RM2.53 billion), and a market cap in excess of US$20 billion (~RM84 billion).

To be fair, news about Luno’s plan to add XRP to its portfolio isn’t groundbreaking. Word the platform’s endeavour first got out in December last year, when a report said that the cryptocurrency had already been approved by the Securities Commission (SC).
(Source: Fintechnews)
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Huawei Reportedly Violated Iran Sanctions Based On Leaked Documents

The drama between the US and Huawei is not letting up anytime soon. Reuters had recently uncovered leaked internal documents which suggests that the Chinese company had allegedly violated US trade sanctions on Iran.
The documents stated that the Chinese tech giant had shipped computer equipment by Hewlett-Packard Co to an Iranian telecom carrier on December 2010. Other items in the packing list include software made by other US companies such as Microsoft, Symantec and Novell.
image: Reuters
Furthermore, the records mentioned another Chinese company, Panda International, was also involved in the trade. The company is said to have longstanding ties with Huawei, and was used as a proxy to supply Iran with US-made hardware and software.
“Due to ongoing legal proceedings, it is not appropriate for Huawei to comment at this time,” a spokesperson told Reuters. If proven to be true, these new findings could be solid evidence for the US govt’s Department of Justice in their multifaceted case against the Chinese tech giant.
(Source: Reuters.)

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#LYTV: A Quick Look At Huawei Mate Xs

In many ways, the new Huawei Mate Xs is more like a refreshed model over last year’s Mate X rather than an all-new device. For starters, the physical design and the way that Mate Xs folds are still identical to its predecessor.
The Mate Xs even features the same screen size and resolution as per Mate X, alongside the Leica-designed 40MP triple camera setup. That being said, Huawei did mention that the hinge and screen of Mate Xs are much more durable.

Furthermore, the Mate Xs is also equipped with the company’s latest processor, the Kirin 990 5G which helps increase its battery life up to 21%.
The price of the foldable phone in Malaysia is not yet known at the moment but you don’t have to wait long for it to arrive here though as Mate Xs will be on sale in our market starting from 20 March onwards. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our hands on experience with the new foldable right here to learn more about it.
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realme C3 Officially In Malaysia; Priced At RM499

After its launch in India, realme announced that it will be bringing the C3 to Malaysia. And today, the company officially launched the phone here on our shores.
To quickly recap, the realme C3 comes with a 6.5-inch HD+ display, a MediaTek Helio G70 chipset, and a 5000mAh battery. It runs the realme UI, which is based on Android 10. At the back of the phone, you’ll also see a fingerprint sensor. It looks like we’re only getting one RAM and storage variant of the phone, but more on that later.

For cameras, the realme C3 that made its way here is a little different. While the one we saw earlier had two cameras at the back, the Malaysian model has three. We’re looking at a 12MP main + 2MP macro + 2MP portrait camera combo. In the front, it has the familiar 5MP shooter.
What we gained in an extra camera, we lost in the form of RAM and storage configuration. The realme C3 comes only in its 3GB RAM and 32GB storage configuration in Malaysia, and it’s priced at RM499. It is available today starting 6PM on Shopee, but if you want to get it from a physical store, you’ll have to wait until 7 March 2020.
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MCMC To Implement Bidding System For Valuable Mobile Phone Numbers In Q3 2020

It is a well-known fact that certain mobile phone numbers hold more value than others due to various factors including being easy to remember, having certain patterns, or deemed as lucky numbers. Hence, they usually cost more or being traded around although there is no formal system that regulate their actual monetary value at the moment.
That is about to change soon as the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has recently revealed that it will implement a bidding system for these valuable numbers in which are officially referred to as the “Cherished Numbers”. This was confirmed in the Public Inquiry (PI) report for the implementation of Cherished Number framework that the regulator published last week.

However, the implementation will not involve end-users directly though. After considering the feedback from telco companies, MCMC has decided that Cherished Numbers will be assigned directly to service providers through a close bidding process.
MCMC is also planning to publish the range of these special numbers on its website which should allow consumers to identify whether they have really obtained a genuine Cherished Number or otherwise. The regulator has also noted that resale and trading of Cherished Numbers will also be legal among consumers.

Even though MCMC has pretty much confirmed the implementation of the bidding system, it will provide more information on the actual process to service providers within the second quarter of this year while the first bidding session is expected to take place in the third quarter.
Despite the new system, we don’t expect things to change much though as Cherished Numbers have been sold and traded among consumers for so long. Furthermore, consumers will not be able to bid for those numbers directly but nevertheless, we still welcome the ability for users to see if their numbers are part of the Cherished Numbers group.
(Source: MCMC.)
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NVIDIA Switching GTC 2020 To Livestream Event Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, major events like GDC 2020 and MWC 2020 that were supposed to have happened are cancelled, postponed, or simply switched to livestreaming their event. In NVIDIA’s case, the GPU maker has decided to go with the latter option for its GTC 2020 that is happening at the end of the month.
NVIDIA announced earlier today its change in the format through a statement on its official GTC 2020 page. Confirming that the event was still happening in a digital capacity. The statement goes on to say that, Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA’s CEO, will still deliver the event’s keynote, but that the company was still in talks with speakers who were supposed to speak at the event that week.
The change in format is unlikely to hinder NVIDIA’s plan on hosting its annual conference, and to be honest, livestreaming from a safe and sterile environment is still a better choice than cancelling it altogether.
Additionally, there’s an air of excitement over this year’s GTC 2020, primarily because online chatter are suspecting that the GPU maker will reveal its next-generation Ampere GPU architecture. That, in turn, could lead to the successor to its current GeForce RTX 20 series GPU, with improved features and beefier specs. In any case, we’ll just have to wait and see.
For those of you who have purchased your conference pass, rest assured NVIDIA will be contacting each of you about a full refund.
(Source: NVIDIA // Image: PC World)
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