iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Are Official

Apple has announced new set of iPhone today at its media event just moments ago which was held for the time ever at the brand new Steve Job Theater, located at the company’s equally new campus. As rumored for so long, the new model is called iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
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Malaysians are the world’s largest users of Whatsapp?

Every one in a while, we come upon news headlines that just baffles us to the point that we decide to dig deep into it. Today is one of those days as we kept seeing headlines across a number of local media claiming that “Malaysians are the world’s largest users of WhatsApp at 51 per cent”.
We inspected the source of this baffling statistic down to Reuters’ Institute Digital News Report 2017, and here is what it actually says.
51% of Malaysian’s consume and share news via Whatsapp. This 51% of respondents who said Whatsapp is their primary choice to consume and share news is indeed the highest in the world.
The survey included 70,000 respondents from 35 countries, which would mean there were roughly around 2000 respondents from Malaysia.
Malaysia also has the highest percentage of Whatsapp users per capita at 60%.

The country with the most Whatsapp user on record today is India which clocks in about 200 million active daily users. Malaysia has a population of 32 million, with an estimated internet penetration of 70%.
via New Straits Times, Bernama, SSKeruak.blogspot.my
Statistics sourced via MediaKix and Reuters Institute.

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Intel Core i7-8700K Benchmark Surfaces

An interesting leak has recently surfaced regarding an alleged Cinebench R15 benchmark score of the soon to be released Intel Core i7-8700K processor. The leak was first reported by Canadian tech journalist, Karl Morin, who apparently managed to benchmark a HP Omen desktop containing the unreleased Core i7-8700K CPU.
In the Cinebench R15 benchmark, it can be seen that the Intel Core i7-8700K processor managed to obtain a single core score of 196. Besides that, in another benchmark, the Core i7-8700K racked up a score of 1,230, which is about 52 lower compared to the older Core i7-5820K CPU – but the former processor does come with a higher core clock speed.

Karl Morin had also showcased the Intel Core i7-8700K running on CPU-Z. A screenshot of the software running the CPU confirms that the Core i7-8700K will feature 6 CPU cores and 12 threads along with core speed of 3.7GHz. Besides that, the processor will feature 12MB of L3 cache as well.
Those aside, there’s still no confirmation from Intel regarding the official launch date for the Core i7-8700K. We do, however, expect the processor to be made official on 5 October 2017, along with Z370 motherboards. When it comes to pricing, sources are predicting that the CPU may come with a price tag of around US$380 (about RM1,598).
(Source: Karl Morin via VideoCardz, TechPowerUp)
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Vivo x20 And X20 Plus To Launch With Full HD FullView Display This 21 September

A release date for the rumoured Vivo X20 has been revealed. The information comes courtesy of Vivo’s own Weibo page; where it announced that the phone will be revealed in China on 21 September. There’s nothing much else in the teaser, although it does at least show what the device will look like.
The design of the Vivo X20 looks similar to the V7+, complete with the same FullView display on the front. What is significantly different with this model is the use of a Full HD panel instead of the 720p on the V7+, which we expect to be sized somewhere between a 5.5-inch to a 6-inch display.

Other features rumoured to be on the X20 includes using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, 6GB of RAM, a minimum of 32GB of internal storage, and Android 7.1.1 out of the box. We could also see a large battery, speculated to be rated at 3500mAh. As with the V7+, we should see a 16MP sensor that can combine photos into an ultra-high-resolution image, and a high resolution 24MP sensor on the front.
At the same time, we also should be seeing a larger Vivo X20 Plus launched at the same time, with minimal design changes between the two models. We suspect the Plus may just be a model with a larger internal storage.
We will be looking for the launch of the Vivo X20 and X20 Plus when it is revealed on the 21 September, and see if it is a worthy device to have and own here in Malaysia.
(Source: Weibo via Android Pure )
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Kodak Printomatic Prints Out Shots Instantly

A new instant camera from Kodak is set to (maybe) change how you take photos today. The Kodak Printomatic is a point-and-shoot ‘instant print digital camera. The 10MP camera comes with a built-in photo printer on board.
Calling it “the ideal all-in-one solution for capturing and sharing prints instantly”, the Printomatic features a 10MP sensor, a built-in lithium-ion battery, microSD slot and the Kodak ZINK photo printer. The ZINK stands for Zero INK, so there are no ink cartridges to fumble about while using this camera.
The final photo can be saved on the microSD or straight away printed on the ZINK Photo Paper, which is borderless and sized at 2 x 3 inches. It can print in colour or black and white; the resulting print is also water- and tear-resistant. There is no zoom functionality on the camera – just a single focal length that eliminates complicated design and build.
There is no display at the back of the camera – just a simple LED light to show the status of the print and memory card status. However the unit is small enough that you can slip it into your pocket and do not feel the bulk of an essentially photo print lab in your hand.
A novel idea, but will the Kodak Printomatic work in the age of digital photography, where no one truly print out photos anymore? We just have to wait and see.
(Source: The Verge )
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Freeschool.my Brings Free Learning Resources To Schools

freeschool.my has opened its doors just in time for fifth form students to begin their final SPM revision. The online resource offers a range of textbooks, seminars, exercises, and instructional videos for the Malaysian examination syllabus; and aims to bring learning in the country to the 21st century.
Funded by Brickfields Asia College, the site already houses 700 videos covering Additional Mathematics, Modern Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, and History. Accompanying these videos are free e-books designed to provide students with an easy reference document. Of course, the e-books also contain links back to the videos should students need a refresher.
The online resource is not technically new. Instead, it’s built on the foundation of Edunation; a resource similar to that of the Khan Academy from the United States. According to founder Raja Singham (who also happens to be the Managing Director of BAC), freeschool.my aims to bring the same sort of quality, but aimed at a more localised audience.

Science based subjects in particular receive extra attention due to a collaboration with Petrosains. Allowing the site perform demonstrations on the applications of the principals and example experiments for students to follow.
freeschool.my will also hold physical seminars for examination bound students; helping to prepare them for the upcoming assessments. These free seminars will be broadcast through a livestream for students unable to attend the event.

School examinations are not the only thing on the minds of the people behind freeschool.my. Chief operating officer Jennifer Low explained that the site is currently in the planning stages for videos concerning soft skills that do not receive time in classrooms. These will cover topics like financial literacy, project management, job applications, and public speaking.
There’s no definite timeline for this additional content, but Low says that it should begin appearing by the end of the first quarter of 2018.
freeschool.my is currently largely focused on the SPM, with additional content for PT3 and UPSR examinations being rolled out gradually. The non-profit is also looking for ways to get its content into rural areas where internet and technology penetration isn’t as high as in urban areas.
Students and teachers are both welcomed to sign up for an account on freeschool.my from today.
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Acer Malaysia Sells The Only Predator 21X In The Country

It was bound to happen at some point. Someone in Malaysia decided that he really would like to spend RM40,000 on a brand new laptop. That man was Arsyan Ismail, a startup entrepreneur who appears to have made it.
The Acer Predator 21X is easily the most expensive, and impressive, laptop available in the Malaysian market. At RM39,999, it packs the best hardware available to modern technology; including the only curved display on a laptop.
That said, even Acer was being conservative about the number of units it would be able to sell. Only 300 units of the Predator 21X are available in the world, and only one of those made it into Malaysia.
As we said before, the Predator 21X is a statement of intent from Acer. Seeing that it goes against the trend of making things smaller and lighter. That said, Arsyan has also made a very, very clear statement with his purchase.
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Digi Postpaid 100 Infinite Is Here: Offers Unlimited Internet and Calls

Earlier this year, Digi has cooked up a storm by announcing the Digi Postpaid Infinite plans which offer unlimited amount of Internet and calls. Originally available in two different type of offerings, the telco today has announced third option into the family.
Available for RM 100 per month, the new Digi Postpaid 100 Infinite offers unlimited Internet at maximum speed of 5Mbps just like the previous Digi Postpaid 80 Infinite. However, the tethering quota is this new plan is much higher at 20GB per month.
Just like other Digi Postpaid Infinite Plans, the new plan also includes unlimited domestic calls to both on-net and off-net numbers.
Interesting enough, the new Digi Postpaid 100 Infinite is only available for the next 5 days exclusively through Digi Store Online. So, head on to Digi’s official website for further information.
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MSI’s Z370 Krait Gaming Motherboard Spotted

It looks like more and more Z370 motherboards are being leaked recently. This time round we have a motherboard from MSI called the Z370 Krait Gaming. For those who are not aware: Z370 motherboards are made to cater for Intel’s upcoming Coffee Lake lineup of processors.
According to folks at VideoCardz, the MSI Z370 Krait Gaming motherboard comes with almost similar layout as its predecessor (Z270 Krait Gaming). That said, MSI’s upcoming motherboard does, at least, feature slight changes in its design. Some of the differences that can be spotted are the motherboard’s colour scheme as well as tjhe orientation of the USB headers and SATA ports.
Also included with the MSI Z370 Krait Gaming motherboard are “new” LED elements that can be found around its chipset heatsink. Other specifications include: three PCIe x16 slots; three PCIe x1 slots; and four DDR4 DIMM RAM slots. Unfortunately, other key information (release date and pricing) of MSI’s Z370 Krait Gaming motherboard were not mentioned.
That said, given the amount of Z370 motherboard leaks that have surfaced recently, we do expect MSI to announce the aforementioned details soon. Those aside, we recently wrote an article regarding an alleged release date for Intel’s 8th generation desktop-grade processors – perhaps that can be an indicator as to when Z370 motherboards will officially be unveiled.
(Source: VideoCardz)
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ASUS ROG Zephyrus Ultra-Slim Gaming Laptop To Be Available in Malaysia For RM 15,999

Few weeks ago, it has come to our attention that the new ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX510 ultra slim gaming laptop will be making its way into our market within this month. Today, we have learned that the laptop will be released in Malaysia with a price tag of RM 15,999.
This particular information was revealed in the ASUS Malaysia’s product guide for September and October 2017 on its official website. True to our previous report, the document stated that ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501 for Malaysian market is indeed equipped with Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 24GB DDR4 RAM, and 1TB PCIe3 x4 NVME M.2 solid state drive.

Originally launched at Computex 2017, let’s not forget the laptop’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Max-Q graphics card which provides the graphical power to the laptop’s 15.6-inch 120Hz IPS display. Not surprisingly, the high speed display panel also supports NVIDIA G-Sync technology.
The product guide also revealed that each purchase of ROG Zephyrus will be accompanied with free ROG Centurion 7.1 gaming headset and ROG Gladius II gaming mouse which are valued at RM 1,969 in total. Additionally, there is also a pair of VIP tickets to the grand final of ROG Masters International that will take place in KLCC this November.

Despite this revelation, the exact release date for ROG Zephyrus is still not yet known at the moment. We have reached out to ASUS Malaysia for further information, so stay tuned.
(Source: ASUS Malaysia)
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