Battlefield V Lightning Strikes Update Brings NVIDIA DLSS In-Game

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) anti-aliasing technology has finally arrived on DICE’s Battlefield V (BFV). A month after Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and co-founder of NVIDIA, announced at CES 2019 that his company’s visual technology would be available several triple A titles.


The new anti-aliasing technology was made available through BFV’s Chapter 2 Lightning Strikes updates, which in itself comes with several new gameplay updates and modes. Including four player co-op gameplay with the new Combine Arms mode, as well as the return of the much beloved Rush mode from previous Battlefield installments.

As a recap, DLSS is an anti-aliasing technology developed by NVIDIA that utilises the GPU brand’s proprietary AI servers in order to create better and more visually stunning texture in-game at high resolutions, but by using considerably lower, but still equally detailed textures. You can read our in-depth article about the feature, along with NVIDIA’s new real-time ray-tracing (DXR) to learn more about both features.

Having said that, not all games are capable of supporting both DXR and DLSS at the same time. To date, BFV is the only game title that actually carries support for the two NVIDIA proprietary graphics technology. On that note, having access to both DXR and DLSS translates to the game providing more optimised framerates while retaining that level of realism in environmental lighting that NVIDIA often gushes about.

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The new BFV Chapter 2 Lightning Strikes update is scheduled to go live today, so gamers with a GeForce RTX graphics card should already be able to gain access to it. If it is still not available, try manually updating the game or simply wait for the title to automatically do so.

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