Black Shark 3 Reportedly Features 2K Display With 120Hz And 16GB RAM

To their credit, Black Shark has released two successful gaming smartphones since their debut in 2018. Even though unconfirmed, several sources have reported that we may be expecting a third entry from the company sometime this year.


Leaker Sudhanshu previously revealed an alleged certification of the Black Shark 3 from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) which revealed that the phone will feature 5G support. Last week, he also dropped a hint suggesting that it might also feature a whopping 16GB of RAM – a world’s first for the brand and the gaming smartphone market, if no one else beats them to it.

Theoretically it should be the World's First Phone with 16GB RAM. But let's wait for the official announcement🙃https://t.co/EyUmt2xDOo

— Sudhanshu (@Sudhanshu1414) January 9, 2020

Meanwhile, a Weibo user with the handle @肥威 had recently posted what appears to be screenshots of the Black Shark 3’s display settings menu. The leak suggests that the phone provides up to 2K resolution with a refresh rate as high as 120Hz, which is a huge bump in display performance compared to its 2019 predecessor. Additionally, Anzhuo.cn reports that the it might also feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 865 SoC to power its gaming performance, as well as its 5G capabilities.

Do keep in mind that the company has not made any announcement of the Black Shark 3 at this time, so it’s best to take the details provided in these leaks with a grain of salt. If the rumours are accurate though, we could expect the gaming smartphone to target a release date around Q2 or early Q3 of this year – provided that the company follows a similar release window of the phone’s predecessors.

( Source: Sudhanshu / Anzhuo.cn | Top image: Black Shark 2 )















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