Build 2017: iTunes Is Coming To Windows Store

There are plenty of love going around for Apple at Build 2017 with the official release of Visual Studio for Mac as well as the ability to build iOS apps on Windows PC through Xamarin Live Player. For end users though, this might take the cake: Apple’s iTunes is coming to Windows Store.

For those who are not familiar with Windows Store (just in case), it is the app depository within Windows 10 operating system. Due to this announcement, users no longer have to visit Apple’s website to download and install the app but instead, they can do so directly through Windows Store.

iTunes for Windows
The traditional iTunes for Windows.

Based on the description by Microsoft, the Windows Store version of iTunes will not be a tuned down variant. Instead, users can expect to have full iTunes experience from the app which also include the support for iPhone and other Apple devices.

Furthermore, this also means that the app can be used on Windows 10 S devices such as Microsoft’s own Surface Laptop which can only be installed with apps from Windows Store. Meanwhile, expect to see iTunes to appear on Windows Store by the end of this year.

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