Build 2017: Windows 10 Story Remix App Drives Creativity With Simplicity and More

Made by its first party experiences team, Microsoft has unveiled a brand-new application called Windows 10 Story Remix. Conceived using .NET, it will be released to Windows Store as a Universal Windows Application when Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is made available to users later this year.

With “creativity is new productivity” as its mantra, the Story Remix allows users to create stories from their photos and videos automatically. At the same time, they can collaborate with other users that can pitch in their own photos and videos into the story.

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The app automatically applies soundtrack, filter, and cinematic style to the story which users are free to regenerate by just pressing the Remix button. Since Story Remix can automatically recognize people and objects in photos and videos, users can actually set specific people in those contents as the star of the story.

Of course, users are also free to edit their story using the app’s storyboard-style video editor. Aside from the support for Windows Ink, they are also able to add 3D contents from Remix 3D community into their story. Not to forget, Windows 10 Story Remix will also be available in the form of smartphone app.

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Right after the revelation of Windows 10 Story Remix on stage at Build 2017, many have begun to look at the app as the spiritual replacement for Windows Movie Maker. Well, we do hope the new app will indeed able to fill in the void left by the well-known program and judging from the capabilities that were demonstrated at Build 2017, the app seems more than capable to meet that expectation.

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