Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Charges RM80 To Show Your Kill-Death Ratio

In competitive multiplayer shooters, the kill-death (KD) ratio is usually a standard feature. While it may not seem important, it’s a useful tool to tell you if your current strategy is working. It’s one that has oddly been removed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. But as you’d expect, it looks like Activision is willing to sell it back to players, for a price.


A price of US$20 or RM80, to be exact. The feature is locked behind a cosmetic item called “Time to Die”, a watch in the “Mother Russia” bundle. The bundle itself costs 2000 COD points, and the price mentioned earlier is the lowest possible price to get that number of points.

To be fair, the cosmetic watch won’t let you see the KD ratios of all the other players in your current session. All you get with it is your personal KD ratio. So technically, Activision is not selling to you the entirety of the thing that it removed. But on the flip side, the fact remains that it’s a free feature that’s been removed from the game, and sold back to the player at a premium.

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There’s also the argument to be made that this only shows you your personal KD ratio, so others can’t use it to trash talk you if you have a low score. While true during a game, the fact that the score board at the end of each sessions shows everyone’s scores renders this argument moot.

At any rate, this cosmetic is the only way to see your own KD ratio before the end of most game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And it can only be obtained as part of the bundle.

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