Someone Recreated The Front Of The Notre Dame Cathedral In No Man’s Sky

By now, you’re probably aware of he Notre Dame cathedral fire. Ubisoft is even giving away Assassin’s Creed Unity for free so that you can experience it in a virtual environment. Now, there’s another place where you can get a limited experience of the iconic cathedral – No Man’s Sky.
A player who goes by 258100 on Reddit recreated the front view of the cathedral in one of No Man’s Sky’s planets. The player made the impressive piece of architecture with the help of the Blender mod on PC. Impressively, just the front view consists of about 2000 parts.

That said, it’s just the front view of the landmark building, so it’s not as complete a virtual experience like Assassin’s Creed Unity. It’s understandable, considering the limited construction and architectural methods the game has.
The Notre Dame cathedral fire is an unfortunate tragedy, but it’s refreshing to see so many good things happen following it. It’s also one of the few times we’ll ever see a case of reverse-review bombing.
(Source: Reddit via GamesRadar+. Image: 258100 / Imgur)
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MCMC Is Looking To Open 5G Testbeds In More Areas; 5G Showcase Might Go Nationwide

For the past few days, Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya has become the epicentre of the local telecommunication industry by being the host of the 5G Malaysia Showcase. Organized by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, it seems like that regulator is generally happy with the outcome of the event.
In a report by Bernama, MCMC’s Chief Digital Officer, Gerard Lim has stated that around 10,000 visitors have visited the 4-day event. In another report, Chairman of MCMC, Al-Ishsal Ishak apparently has revealed that there are plans to have the 5G showcase throughout the country in order to allows more members of the public to experience all the technologies that could be enabled by 5G.

Gerard has also revealed that the regulatory body is looking to establish 5G testbeds in areas outside of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. These additional testbeds might be tied up with specific use cases such as agricultural given the possibility of implementing a localized 5G network.
Likewise, Al-Ishsal has also stated that 5G for industries could be rolled out as early as next year if the final report from the Malaysian 5G Taskforce includes such recommendation for certain industry or high-impact areas. Consumers need to wait a bit longer though as the commercial rollout for 5G network in Malaysia is expected to take place only in 2021 and 2022.
(Source: Bernama – 1, 2)
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Epic Games Bans More Than 1000 Fortnite World Cup Cheaters

It’s no secret that battle royale titles such as Fornite, PUBG, and Apex Legends have their fair share of cheaters in-game. In the case of Fortnite, the game’s developer, Epic Games, recently brought down the banhammer on more than 1000 cheaters during its Fortnite World Cup event.
According to a report by Fortnite Intel, Epic Games’ ban affected 1163 accounts. These accounts were said to have circumvented region locks, allowing them to participate in multiple regions during the tournament.
One particular account user reportedly received a permanent ban for using cheat software during the semifinals. Epic Games’ decision was final after discovering that the account in question was in use for less than five minutes in the tournament. Another account was banned for a 72 hour period, just because it had both intentionally and purposely disconnected mid-game. Just so that it could avoid giving the competition any points for taking him down.

In light of these punishments, Epic Games did say that it would be ramping up its teaming detection system. Asking players to report gamers who they think are cheating. Further, it will also crack down on cheaters in the future via formal investigations using in-game replays
(Source: Fornite, Fortnite Intel via Hot Hardware)
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5 Characters Who Are Most Likely To Die In Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame will soon be upon us and it looks like this April is going to be a pretty morbid month with the latest season of Game of Thrones out as well. Man, that’s a lot of death to deal with. In any case, we’re pretty sure that the concluding chapter to the Avengers saga is going to leave more than a few casualties in its wake. The title itself conjures images of brutal battles and the trailers so far have shown us nothing short of heroes in despair and desperation over the plague Thanos had wrought upon the universe. There will be retribution. There will be strife. If I may turn a phrase from the Chitauri servant of Thanos, the Other, on its head: for the Avengers to face Thanos would be to court…Death.

Holy dogshit, I cannot wait to get in there and find out who made it out alive, and who didn’t. Though we are no prophets of Marvel (that would be the writers), we sure as hell have a few good ideas on whose mangled corpse we’ll be seeing in the film. So without further ado, here are five characters we believe will most likely bite the dust in Endgame.

Maybe Dead – Rocket Raccoon
Rocket Raccoon is many things. A capable shot. A deadly demolition expert. A grumpy asshole. A loyal friend. One of those things are going to get him killed one day and I feel like that day is coming real soon. If Infinity War gave us anything to go on, it’s that everyone is on the cosmic chopping board. The film started with a bang with Loki being the first major death in the film. So, with no offence to any Rocket Raccoon fans out there, what more is one relatively minor member to the Guardians of the Galaxy to the plot of the film. It’s also worth taking into account that Rocket is a belligerent fighter who will talk shit and blast till his final breath.

Furthermore, there’s a strong motivation for Rocket to want to face Thanos head-on in a reckless and impulsive manner. Right before Groot had faded into the ether with a poof of dust, his final words were, “Dad”. Now, that’s heartbreaking and we know Rocket can speak Groot so he definitely heard those tragic words from his best friend and son. Thanos killed his baby boy! I can totally see Rocket storming right into Thanos’ place and unloading everything he has on him in fury and futility, only for him to be obliterated by the power of the gauntlet. It’s not exactly set in stone but it would make dramatic sense.
Possibly Dead – Captain America
Not unlike Rocket, the good captain is also a true friend to the very end. A man who wears his heart on his sleeve and someone who has shown himself capable of making necessary sacrifices to defend what’s right. He pretty much got himself killed at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger when he crashed the Red Skull’s ship into the Arctic sea to save the free world from HYDRA. If it wasn’t for that super-soldier serum, he’d be a frozen corpse. Needless to say, the man has a bit of a goody two shoes streak with all the sacrifices he’s made in the past. Coupling that with the loss of his dear friend Bucky Barnes only further solidifies his resolve to fight the good fight, no matter the cause. He’s a good man…probably a dead one too.

So let’s do a quick check on Cap’s chances of survival. Values others and missions above his own self-preservation? Check. Mortal? Check. Capable of withstanding the blast of a cosmic superweapon at the hands of a godlike being? Nope. Yeah, things are not looking good for Cap. Then there’s the dramatic structure of the film. Steve’s story arc does not require any further development in Endgame, he’s peaked since Winter Soldier. Rather it is Tony Stark’s story that must come full circle. The death of what is essentially the living embodiment of good in the MCU would give Tony the push to see his mission through to the end and raise the stakes of the film. Sorry Cap, it’s starting like this will be your final mission.
Probably Dead – Thor
We talked about how Cap and Rocket’s bone to pick with Thanos would surely land them in the grave but what about folks Thanos has beef with? He probably has a list of enemies as long as his muscular arm and there is little doubt that Thor is at the top of said list. After all, he did shove an axehead into Thanos’ chest, which does tend to leave people feeling quite crabby. Thor has yet to avenge the death of his brother and the slaughter of his kin, which he will no doubt attempt to do in Endgame. These two titans are bound to clash, it’s an inevitability. The only question is: Does Thor even stand a chance? No. No, he does not.

If Thor comes swinging at Thanos again with Stormbreaker, Thanos would go all out to take the Norse god down, for good this time. It’ll be a spectacular light show for sure but for Thor, that’s all it’ll be, a blinding flash of light before he meets oblivion. It almost feels necessary for these two to fight. Theirs is a history of hate, that goes all the way back to the beginning of Infinity War. So in the event of that happening, there is a small, small possibility of Thor killing Thanos and a high probability that the latter would lay waste to the former. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on the guy who just obtained omniscience and omnipotence, thank you very much.
Super Dead – Nebula
As much as Thor has a vendetta out for Thanos, his hatred for the Mad Titan doesn’t nearly rival that of Thanos’ scorned daughter, Nebula. As for motivation, let’s just say Thanos hasn’t exactly been Father of the Year to her or Gamora for that matter. Throughout her life, Thanos has cybernetically “enhanced” Nebula for every time she lost against her surrogate sister Gamora. And when I say enhanced, I mean removing parts of her body and replacing them with robotic implants, which was agonizing.

She spent her whole life trying to win the approval of her father but at every turn he rejected her, favouring Gamora. Gamora and Nebula were once close friends until Thanos pitted the two against each other, turning them into bitter rivals before the two finally reconciled. We even see him torturing Nebula to get Gamora to reveal the location of the Soul Stone before sacrificing Gamora to retrieve it. It is no exaggeration when I say that no one despises Thanos more than Nebula.
Thanos certainly has no love for Gamora either, treating her with utter contempt. Upon seeing Thanos, she’d probably flip her lid and charge right at him, blades out. Thanos would toy with her first, feigning weakness before torturing her once more and ending her suffering with one flick of the wrist. Let’s face it, Nebula wasn’t exactly a key and integral character either way and I highly doubt that she’s going to be one to take down Thanos.
That is unless they decide to follow the major plot point from the “Infinity Gauntlet” comics and have her take control of the gauntlet, which is highly unlikely if I may add. She just hasn’t had enough development in comparison to the other major players like Stark, Rogers or even Hawkeye to warrant such a huge part in defeating Thanos. She will try though. The moment Thanos lays eyes on her or her on him, she’s going to get disintegrated. Pure and simple.
Dead as a Doorknob – Thanos
Recently, Marvel has been making some bold decisions in the cinematic universe but I honestly don’t think they’re hardcore enough to leave Thanos the champion by the end of Endgame. You and I know for a fact that somehow, some way Thanos is going to fall. But I certainly don’t think the day will be won by brute strength or crafty ploys but rather an appeal to ethics. Remember that Tony Stark arc I mentioned earlier, it’s going to come into play in Endgame. Picture Thanos wiping out the entire team of heroes, all but Stark remains. They both stare each other down and just as Thanos is about to send Stark to oblivion, Tony ask Thanos one simple question: Was it worth it? It stops Thanos in his tracks.

The two begin to go back and forth regarding the nature of life, the universe and morality. Tony is now humbled from all his previous mistakes and failures. Everything from his arrogance in Iron Man and Age of Ultron to his fear and insecurity in Civil War has prepared him for this moment. Thanos may have all the secrets to the universe but Stark has something Thanos doesn’t understand and that is the cost of sacrifice.
A true hero always puts others first before himself and carries the cost. Thanos is no hero and his “noble” quest is a fallacy. True heroism comes people making the choice to better the world and by robbing half the universe of that choice, it proves that Thanos is nothing more than a tyrant. Tony will point that out, Thanos will fly into a rage and then, a flash of light. Tony is still there but Thanos isn’t.

How do I know this isn’t just head fiction? Everything the marketing has told us so far points to this ending. The first trailer’s “whatever it takes” line echoes the cost of sacrifice. The newest trailer shows how far our heroes have come in their journey and what it means to truly embody nobility. Why not stress on Thanos’ power or the epic battles that are to be fought? Why emphasize on characters, relationships and their convictions? Because it is a crucial part in defeating Thanos.
It is pure poetic perfection to have Thanos, the one who decides who lives and who dies, make the decision that the universe would be a better place without him in it. Based on narrative structure, the marketing and thematic analysis, I can confidently say that Thanos will die.
So who do you guys think will be biting the bullet in Avengers: Endgame? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to catch it in theatres come 24th April!
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UK To Implement Age Verification For Online Pornography; Ruling Goes Into Effect Starting 15 July 2019

The UK government has announced that its age verification laws to prevent minors from viewing pornography will take effect starting 15 July 2019. Initially planned to take effect in April, the ruling is the first of its kind in an effort to stem minors from freely accessing adult content.
Come 15 July, people in the UK will have to submit identifiable documents like credit cards or passports to online age verification providers. Alternatively, they can show such documents to shops selling what will be known as a porn pass. The porn pass will then be used in lieu of IDs when surfing the web for porn.

Enforcing the law are the British Board of Film Classifications (BBFC) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The former is responsible for assigning age ratings to video content in the UK, and will fine or block services that fail to comply with the ruling. On the other hand, the latter will oversee the awarding of the Age-Verification Certificate to the providers of such services.
The ruling faced some push-back from privacy advocates, due to the part of the process that involves the submission of ID. They argue that such a process opens people up to scams and blackmail. On the flip side, British Digital Minister Margot James stated that the government has “taken the time to balance privacy concerns with the need to protect children from inappropriate content.”
(Source: GOV.UK via CNN)
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Motorola Moto Z4 Could Feature 48MP Main Camera, In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Motorola appears to be working on a successor to last year’s Moto Z3, which will aptly be known as the Moto Z4. New information about the phone recently surfaced, and some of it points to some potentially interesting hardware.
Off the bat, the source of the information states that the Moto Z4 will have a 6.4-inch Full HD OLED display. More importantly, the display will also feature an in-display fingerprint display. Other hardware specifications of the phone include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SoC, and a modem chip that will support 5G connectivity via the brand’s 5G mods for the Z series.
For software, the phone will run with Android 9 Pie out of the box. But the more interesting bit of news lies with its camera; according to 91Mobiles, the Moto Z4’s main camera will reportedly be housing a single 48MP sensor, versus the dual-camera setup that was previously employed with the Moto Z3. The camera also features Motorola’s Quad Pixel technology, which should enable users to take better pictures in low-light environments, albeit at just 12MP.
(Image source: 91Mobiles)
Moving on, the front-facing camera of the Moto Z4 is expected to be a 25MP shooter, complete with Motorola’s Group Selfie mode and, naturally, the Quad Pixel mode.
Other specifications for the Moto Z4 includes a 3600mAh battery with TurboCharge support, and the possibility the phone being available in two memory and storage configurations, 4GB/64GB and 6GB/128GB.
At the time of writing, Motorola has not released any official statement about the Moto Z4. Therefore, we do advise you to take this news with a pinch of salt.
(Source: 91Mobiles via Hot Hardware // Image: 91Mobiles)
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Assassin’s Creed Unity Gets A Reverse Review Bomb; Response To Ubisoft Giveaway Of Game

While the Epic Games Store exclusivity streak has caused another resurgence of review bombing, Borderlands 3 saw one of the few instances of the opposite happening to balance things out. Now, it looks like Ubisoft is making the impossible happen – Assassin’s Creed Unity is getting a sudden flood of positive reviews instead.
GamesRadar+ reported that the game recently got showered with positive reviews on Steam. This is in response to Ubisoft giving the game away for free It’s still a little strange since the publisher is only giving the game away via its own Uplay launcher.

You can also see for yourself on the game’s page on Steam – 16 April saw the greatest spike of positive reviews being added. The flow of reviews are beginning to slow down now, but it’s still a significant number of positive reviews in such a short period of time. It’s also worth noting that this sudden surge did not trigger Steam’s “off-topic reviews” label, which is a bit unfair.
To those who have not already claimed their game, Ubisoft is giving away Assassin’s Creed Unity for free until 25 April 2019. This is so that those who have not yet had the chance to visit the Notre Dame cathedral can still do so virtually in-game. The landmark cathedral caught fire earlier this week, consuming its roof and spire.
(Source: Steam via GamesRadar+)
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Maxis Fibre 300Mbps, 500Mbps, and 800Mbps Plans Leak Out; Starts at RM 149 Per Month

Seems like there is another round of fibre price war might be going on. Just mere days after TM begins to offer unifi 300Mbps plan, it turns out that Maxis is about to offer the same type of plan too.
Not only that, there are also 500Mbps and 800Mbps plans too which is something that the company has promised last year. Check out the leaked brochure below:

Aside from the pricing, another interesting thing to note about these Maxis Fibre plan is the addition of Mesh Wi-Fi. While details behind this particular offering are not yet known for the time being, it is likely that Maxis will be using Wi-Fi optimization as part of its marketing strategy for Maxis Fibre which is something that the company already been doing through Maxperts.
According to Amanz which is the source for this leak, these new Maxis Fibre plans are expected to be launched next week. We’ll keep you posted once we hear more from Maxis.
(Source: Amanz)
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YTL Communications and Facebook Terragraph Network In Penang Now Covers 40 Locations

Launched back in February, YTL Communications and Facebook have collaborated together to deploy Terragraph gigabit wireless network in Penang. Claimed to be the first large scale trial for the considerably young wireless technology in Asia, the on-ground test in Georgetown which is a UNESCO World Heritage city took place from 1 March onwards.
Fast forward almost two months later, YTL Communications today has revealed that its Terragraph-based Wi-Fi network is now available in 40 locations within the city. This was achieved through 350 Terragraph nodes that have been installed on 160 city lamp posts.
One of the many Terragraph nodes that make up the trial network in Penang.
The company further revealed that more than 4,000 unique users have tried the network with a return rate of 60%. In addition to that, YTL Communications claimed that its Terragraph-based public Wi-Fi network was able to deliver up to 170Mbps download speed and 160Mbps upload speed per user so far.
The average data consumption for the network currently stands at 230MB per session, with the highest consumption ever recorded for a single user so far is 5GB. All in all, it seems that the Terragraph trial in Penang is progressing quite well although we still waiting for YTL Communications to begin rolling out fixed wireless access which is supposedly another big focus of the trial.
Speed test demo during Terragraph launch event back in February.
For those who want to test our the Terragraph-based public Wi-Fi network in Penang themselves, you can check out the list of the coverage areas on Yes 4G’s official website right here.
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Facebook Admitted That Millions of Instagram Passwords Have Been Stored In Readable Format

Last month, it was revealed that the social media platform Facebook has been storing nearly 600 million user passwords in plain text. Now, the same situation apparently happened to Instagram users as well, with millions of passwords being stored in a readable format.
Facebook made the announcement in a pretty sneaky manner, too. This new information only came in the form of an update to a month-old blog post addressing the previous issue. The social media platform was quick to add that the stored passwords were not internally abused or accessed, even if it was possible.

The stealth update was made likely to minimise the attention that Facebook will get. This is somewhat understandable, considering it was caught earlier this week uploading contacts of about 1.5 million of its users’ emails.
According to the update, Facebook says it will be informing affected users, as it did before. If you’ve changed your password before, whether or not in response to the previous incident, seems like it is a good idea to do so once again.
(Source: Facebook via Engadget)
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