Spider-Man Overtakes God Of War As Fastest-Selling First Party PlayStation Game Ever

Released earlier this year, God of War was the fastest- and best-selling game on PlayStation 4. It’s a record that the game held for around five months until Spider-Man came along, that it.
According to a report by USA Today, the game sold a record 3.3 million copies in three days since release, outperforming God of War by about 10%. As if holding one record is not enough, Spiderman also holds the record of Sony’s most pre-ordered game, at one million.

Sony did not provide any official numbers, but from the report, we know that the special edition PS4 Pro was included in the record-breaking number. While the number of sales the game made was impressive, it’s of little surprise, really.
It has a few solid ideas to run with, and developer Insomniac made sure that Spidey’s world was as interesting as he himself was. It was since Batman’s Arkham series that a superhero game was this good, and even longer since a Spider-Man game was this well received.

With the game still being pretty new, these numbers have nowhere to go but up.
(Source: USA Today via Eurogamer)
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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Detailed Renders Leak Online

Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones are due to make their debut in just a few weeks time. However, and as is the case of the internet, new images of the two phones’ displays have made its way online. Courtesy of serial leaker Evan Blass, otherwise known by Twitter handle @evleaks.
The leaked image are by far the most detailed renders of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to date. Giving viewers a clear look at the different displays between the two phones. The Pixel 3 clearly shows a display with no notch at the top of it, while the render of the Pixel 3 XL’s display more or less confirms the phone’s notched display.

Since you guys keep asking… pic.twitter.com/DpRqzsyRem
— Evan Blass (@evleaks) September 21, 2018

The leaks don’t end with Blass’ tweet either. Twitter user Ishan Agarwal (@IshanAgarwal24) was yet another leaker who had posted several detailed images of what is the final build of the Google Pixel 3 XL. Specifically, his pictures include a full look at the back, which clearly shows the phone’s fingerprint sensor and the single lens main camera array.

So here is another look at the Pixel 3 XL exclusively from me! According to the source, the device features a frosted glass back with kinda plastic sides (could be metal with some coating). Also has a SIM Tray at the bottom.#Google#GooglePixel3 #Pixel3XL#Pixel3 pic.twitter.com/ocEKb5QoW2
— Ishan Agarwal (@IshanAgarwal24) September 21, 2018

Last but not least, 9to5Google had also discovered that animations of Google’s Pixel Stand. A wireless charger that will charge the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL while allowing them to stand upright during the charging process.
The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are expected to launch this coming 9 October 2018. Reports says that the Pixel 3 will sport a 5.5-inch display, while the Pixel 3 XL’s display will measure in at 6.2-inches.

Both phones are also expected to house the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, either 6GB or 8GB RAM, and a single-lens main camera setup.
(Source: Twitter [1] [2], 9to5Google via Hot Hardware)
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Instagram Tries Tidying Up Captions By Separating Hashtags

It looks like Instagram is testing ways to separate hashtags from captions. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared her discovery via Twitter with a screenshot of the interface.
It shows a new ‘Add Hashtags’ section, which leads to a screen where you type in appropriate hashtags for your post. It also looks like there’s no limit to the number of hashtags that you can add to a post.

Instagram is testing the ability to add hashtags to posts without including it in the post caption pic.twitter.com/OhQn0xcCuw
— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) September 20, 2018

This may be in response to all the hashtag abuse experienced by every social media platform. From people hashtagging every word in the caption to those who tie every word in a sentence to a single hashtag, it can all be pretty overwhelming. This new feature, if rolled out, will bring much needed respite to the eyes of Instagram’s users.
Another feature discovered was geofencing, which lets users choose which regions get to see their posts. Brands using Instagram for marketing purposes will find this especially useful, since they can target their content more specifically.

Instagram is testing geofencing posts and stories.
It allows creators to limit the specific countries where their content will be visible. pic.twitter.com/rRE24BPnkj
— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) September 20, 2018

Both these features, according to Wong, are still in the testing phase. There’s no indication as to when or if these features will be rolled out, but it goes without saying that they’re pretty highly anticipated.
(Source: Jane Manchun Wong [1], [2] via Engadget)
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Oppo Realme 2 Pro GeekBench Scores Pop Up Online

Like many of its Chinese contemporaries, OPPO also has a sub-brand focusing on affordable high-performance devices. That sub-brand is Realme, and according to a listing on GeekBench, its Realme 2 Pro will reportedly ship out with 8GB of RAM.
What’s interesting is that not many mid-tier smartphones include that much RAM out of the box. Which could explain the Pro moniker that’s attached to back of the phone’s name. With that amount of RAM, though, it should help in making multitasking running apps easier.

The scores on Geekbench are also reflective of a mid-range phone, which is fitting considering that the Realme 2 series feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC.
There’s still no news about when it will be heading to our neck of the woods, but there is word that the phone is expected to launch sometime at the end of this month. So do stay tuned for more updates.
(Source: 91 Mobile, Smartprix, Geekbench)
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One Huawei Mate 20 Variant Will Have A Curved Display; Freebuds 2 Pro Appear Online

Leaks online are beginning to suggest that one particular variant of the Huawei Mate 20 will be feature a curved display, much like its Korean competitor. If a Twitter post by Roland Quandt (@rquandt) is anything to go by.
The picture posted by Quandt shows the purported Mate 20 device with a curved display. More important than the curved display, the picture also shows a rather large notch at the top of it. However, Quandt himself admits that even he is unable to confirm if the phone in question is a Mate 20. As there are conflicting reports about the notch’s width in the Mate 20 series.

Another peek at the Huawei Mate 20 (Pro). Not so sure anymore if this is Pro or non-Pro, sorry. pic.twitter.com/AVVhQahi74
— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) September 19, 2018

Huawei is also going against Apple in the wireless earphone space with its own take on the popular AirPods. Thanks to Quandt’s diligence once again, another one of his Twitter post shares details of the Chinese brand’s wireless earphones that will reportedly launch alongside its new flagship phone. Clearly inspired by Cupertino’s AirPods, the new earphones are wireless and even comes with a case-cum-charger.

Yep, this is the Mate 20 Pro in a marketing shot for the new Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro. It isn't as big as we all thought – under 150mm length. Oh, also, Huaweis new wireless charger is in this pic too. More here: https://t.co/XGKV1n1f6o pic.twitter.com/8mf9jW21C0
— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) September 19, 2018

What makes this earphone different is the built-in wireless capabilities. It can be charged with a wireless charger. Plus, the earphones may also be charged using the Huawei Mate 20 itself, if the promotional photos are legitimate.
Seeing how the Huawei Mate 20’s October launch date is just a few more weeks away, we’ll definitely find out more about what the company has planned for its new flagship and its supposed Freebuds 2 Pro.
(Source: Twitter 1, 2 via PhoneArena)
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iPhone XS Teardown Reveals L-Shaped Battery

Now that the first batch of Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max been released in select markets throughout the world, you can expect to hear plenty of things regarding these devices now that they have arrived into consumers hands. The awesome folks at iFixit have managed to obtain them as well and diligently pop up the devices to show the world what made these new phones tick.
As it turns out, Apple has equipped iPhone XS with an L-shaped battery. This approach is far different from the dual battery implementation on last year’s iPhone X which is something that the company has carried forward to iPhone XS Max.

At the same time, iFixit’s teardown also confirmed the previous report that the battery capacity of the iPhone XS is smaller than iPhone X. Specifically, iPhone XS’ battery is rated at 10.13 Wh/2659 mAh as opposed to iPhone X’s 10.35 Wh/2716 mAh which is not exactly that far off from each other.
To take a further look at the internals of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, check out the excellent teardown by iFixit team right here.
(Source: iFixit – 1, 2)
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Huawei Trolls Apple by Giving Away Power Banks At iPhone Xs Launch In Singapore

Maybe it is a sign of the company’s popularity but truth to be told, plenty of companies love to troll Apple from time to time. One of the recent examples of such trolling happened last night as the company gearing up to release its brand-new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max in Singapore earlier today.
Huawei representatives have been reported to approach the queue in front of Apple Store in Orchard Road whereby hundred of customers are waiting overnight in order to purchase Apple’s new phones. They then subsequently distributed around 200 10000mAh power banks to those in the queue.
More importantly though is the message that came with each of those power banks:

The timing of the cheeky message seems to be quite on point as the regulatory body in China has revealed the battery capacity of both phones in its database. Specifically, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max come with 2658mAh and 3174mAh battery respectively which are certainly much smaller than Huawei P20 Pro’s 4000mAh battery.
Nevertheless, that is certainly not something that would stop throngs of Singaporeans (and a number of people that flew from outside of the country just for the new phone) from getting their hands on the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max…

…and you wonder why Apple Store was opened in Singapore instead of Malaysia.
(Source: Mothership, Hardware Zone Singapore)
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Razer Ifrit Is For Streamers Looking For Discreet Headsets; Retails For RM569

Streaming is a big thing now, and audio equipment is no doubt an important part of it. For those who don’t want to deal with a standalone microphone, headsets are the undisputed solution to the issue. But for those who take their streams outdoors and would want something more discreet compared to the usual headsets, Razer may have the answer, in the form of the Ifrit.
The word discreet is key here, because the Razer Ifrit is not just a lot smaller than other headsets. Instead of the usual closed-ear cans, it comes with canal buds. And the band sits behind the head instead of on top. The only sticking point that would attract a lot of attention would be the microphone sticking out on the left side.

Another selling point that Razer is promoting through this hilarious video is that the Ifrit will not give you headset hair, or the mess that results from the headset band being on top of your head over long periods of time.
That said, it’s still a headset meant for gaming. And with that, it is also compatible with PS4 and Xbox One. It also comes with the USB Audio Enhancer which also acts as a USB to analog converter. You can also use the Audio Enhancer to use two Ifrits on one PC.

The Razer Ifrit is already on the Online Razer Store for the Asia Pacific region. It is priced at RM569.
(Source: Razer via SlashGear)
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Tap Has A Wearable Peripheral For VR Use; Essentially Allows One-Handed Typing

The consumer applications of VR today are centred around the entertainment industry, but has anyone ever thought that they wanted to be immersed in their work for a change? Apparently, Tap has for the past three years. And it has demonstrated a wearable that is keyboard, mouse and controller for a virtual desktop environment.
The company’s eponymous wearable sits at the base of your fingers, registering finger taps as inputs. All you need to do is connect it to any device via Bluetooth and you can use this one wearable as your productivity peripheral. Most importantly, this wearable is also compatible with virtual desktop environments via Ovulus Rift and HTC Live.

There’s a demo video of Tap in action, and it shows that, very impressively, that you can type entirely with one hand. That said, every key on the keyboard is mapped to specific tapping patterns using your five fingers. Most of the keys can be remapped, for what it’s worth.

Either way, it’s going to take a long re-learning process before you get used to using this setup compared to your usual keyboard typing. You’ll also have to memorise every tap pattern mapped to the keys of your choice, so it’s like learning the alphabet all over again.
If this is something you find interesting, then you can buy it for US$179 (~RM739), excluding shipping costs from the US. Before you do that, we do advise to check if the company does ship to Malaysia.
(Source: Tap via Engadget)
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#OnThatNote: Getting Creative With The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera

Previously, we talked at length about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s AI-camera features, and how it did all the work without any having to tweak the settings. This time, we’re going to take a look at some of the more creative camera features that are present on the phone.
Let’s first talk about the phone’s Pro mode. With Pro Mode, you immediately gain access to a range of settings that give you full reign over the camera. This includes the ability to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, as well as the filter you’d like to apply to the final image.

You can also take portrait photos with some incredible level of depth. Simply by switching over to the Galaxy Note 9’s Live Focus mode. This feature even allows you to alter the level of background blur post-production, and even lets you alter the shape of the bokeh.
Like its Galaxy S9 series counterparts, the Galaxy Note 9’s camera is also capable of shooting slow video at 960 fps. With this feature, you can easily transform a simple action video into something more dramatic. And it’s all thanks to Super Slo-Mo.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is already available at all Samsung Galaxy outlets and authorised resellers. The Galaxy Note 9 with 128GB storage retails for RM3699 while the 512GB model is also available for RM4599.
For more, you can read our in-depth review of the device right here or head on over to Samsung Malaysia’s official website for further information. Also, don’t forget to check out the previous parts of our #OnThatNote weekly series to better understand what makes this phone Samsung’s greatest Galaxy Note to date:
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Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Samsung.
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