Celcom’s Just Go Promo Offers Data Roaming to Six Countries at Only RM4.99 a Day

Celcom is currently having a data roaming promotion for its subscribers. Called Just Go, the promotion offers the telco’s Celcom Passport 1-Day Internet Pass for only RM4.99, the normal price is RM38 a day.

Available from now till 16 November 2017, Just Go is valid in six countries across Asia Pacific namely Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. It offers 500MB of data roaming each day when you are connected to the telco’s partner networks as shown below:

This promotion is valid for Celcom postpaid and Xpax subscribers. No subscription is required for Celcom postpaid subscribers; you will automatically be subscribed to the 1-day Internet Pass for RM4.99 when your data usage exceeds 100KB when roaming to these countries. As for prepaid subscribers, you will need to subscribe manually by dialing *118#, select Roaming & IDD, select Buy Roaming Pass, and pick the 1-Day Internet Pass RM4.99 option. Celcom will inform all its subscribers via SMS when the 1-day Internet Pass RM4.99 has been successfully activated.

Do note that you must manually select the preferred network operator at the country you are visiting. Data usage charges will be capped at RM4.99 a day. When you fully utilize your 500MB quota, your speed will be throttled till the pass expires. The daily usage will be based on Malaysian time from 12:00am to 11:59pm regardless of where you roam.

Check out Celcom or Xpax now to find out more about its Just Go promotion.








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