CES 2018: HP Updates Omen Brand With Nvidia’s BFGD Monitor And Game Streaming

HP has had a relatively quiet CES this year, but it still has some rather interesting ideas. The company has announced a massive gaming monitor which adopts the BFGD standards set out by Nvidia; and also an app that allows users to remotely stream games from their Omen gaming computers.

The Omen X 65 Big Format Gaming Display follows Nvidia’s requirements to a T. It’s a 65-inch monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate. If that isn’t enough, it also supports 4K resolution with an low latency mode for serious gaming.

Nvidia’s Shield technology is built into the Omen X 65, a trend that will be seen on all BFGDs. Including those from other manufacturers. In this case, the Android based system allows the monitor to independently play games from the Shield library, as well as run other Android based app. This includes the Google Assistant for voice activated controls.

Omen Game Streaming, on the other hand, is something rather unusual. It turns any Omen branded gaming rig into a remote game streaming server. Similar to what PlayStation Remote Play does with offloading the processing work to a remote machine. In this case, the remote machine is the Omen computer.

HP says that this allows its customers to bring the high-end gaming experience to older computers, and it works even if the two machines are not in the same place. According to the announcement, it works over the internet.

Ideally, this should allow HP Omen owners to make the most of their gaming rigs while out of the house. It’s clearly intended to work with the Omen gaming desktops, seeing as that is where the most processing power (and least mobility) is located. Of course, it requires a fast and stable internet connection to work.

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The HP Omen X 65 and Omen Game Streaming will be available later this year.

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