CES 2018: Sony’s MP-CD1 Projector Is Small Enough For Your Pocket

Sony has announced a compact projector designed for mobile users. The MP-CD1 is smaller than a modern smartphone, yet is capable of projecting images up to 120 inches in size on any wall.

The projector uses Texas Instruments’ DLP IntelliBright technology to help boost brightness without compromising image quality. This is thanks to complex algorithms and advanced image processing built into the projector itself.

Powering the projector is a 5000mAh battery which can be charged with the included 3A adapter for fast power top-up. Better still, Sony is using a USB Type-C plug so the projector can share the same cable as your smartphone; one less cable to carry around.

It boots up in 5 seconds for speedy operation, and thanks to a standard HDMI port, it can accept just about any input device in the market. Plus the optional wireless HDMI adapter enables wireless connectivity with smartphones and other playback devices. The dongle is powered by USB so it can even be powered by the projector directly without any external cables whatsoever. The projector also supports direct smartphone connectivity via MHL.

The Sony MP-CD1 is expected to go on sale in Spring 2018, with a suggested price of US$399.99 (RM1,588).

(Source: Android Police)








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