Digi Might Be Offering Unlimited Internet Prepaid Plan For RM 38 Per Month Soon

An image has recently appeared on Digi Community which showed a screenshot that depicts an unannounced unlimited Internet offering from Digi. For those who not familiar with the site, Digi Community is the telco’s open forum that its customers can use to directly interact with the company.

Since the image appeared in the prepaid section of the website, we assume that this unannounced unlimited Internet plan is part of the telco’s prepaid offerings. Additionally, the #JomInternet hashtag that was visible in the photo has been used in previous Digi Prepaid campaign as well.

As you can see, the image stated that Digi’s unlimited plan comes with a monthly price of RM 38 per month and 3GB of hotspot quota. At this moment, there is indeed a RM 38 Internet plan for Digi Prepaid but of course, it doesn’t come with unlimited data.

Since Digi has yet to replay to the actual thread on Digi Community, we are now reaching out to the telco to obtain more details regarding this plan from them. So, stay tuned.

(Source: Digi Community)









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