Digi Music Freedom Is Now Free For Existing Customers

Even though Digi has just introduced its Freedom of Internet strategy yesterday, some of the elements the telco presented yesterday have been implemented by Digi since few years ago . One of them is the Music Freedom which has now been made available for free to all existing Digi customers.

By existing customers, that still does not mean every single customer though. According to the telco, the free Music Freedom access which comes with 5GB allocation for selected music and online radio apps is available for customers that have been with the telco for at least 6 months.

Digi Music Freedom - June 2017

Truth to be told though, Music Freedom has been provided for free in selected Digi plans since it was introduced by telco few years ago. That being said, yesterday’s announcement has pretty much defined Music Freedom general availability from this point forward until the telco decides to revamp it once again if it intended to do so in the future.

The company has since published the instructions on how to enable the Music Freedom for its customers which need to be done on monthly basis. To learn more, head on to Digi’s official website.













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