EA Opens Up Project Atlas Cloud Gaming Service To Public Testing

Electronic Arts (EA) recently put up a call-to-arms to gamers for its cloud gaming service,Project Atlas. is running a two-week public test for its cloud gaming service, Project Atlas. The public test commenced Monday and will continue for the next two weeks.


As it is with all tests, one of the primary goals of Project Atlas is to gather data and test the performance and quality of service over a variety of network conditions. According to Ken Moss, EA’s Chief Technology Officer, another objective of the public testing is to make sure that games offered on the platform are ready and available for players to enjoy, anywhere and on any device.

According to PC Gamer, EA has clarified that the test will not be automatically available upon signing up. Rather, a number of players will be chosen among the applicants to take part in the test. On another note, the number of titles available for play on Project Atlas are limited to just four titles. Those titles are FIFA 19, Need for Speed Rivals, Titanfall 2, and Unravel.

One point that Moss fails to mention is what sort of bandwidth speeds are needed to have a comfortable gaming experience on Project Atlas. However, if Google Stadia’s bandwidths requirements are anything to go by, it’s likely that gamers could get away streaming EA’s games at Full HD on a 20Mbps line.

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In order to take part in Project Atlas test, users can log into their EA account, then continue to the “Community Playtesting” tab at the bottom sidebar. A different, separate sign-in screen will appear, where you’ll be able to access current and upcoming playtests.

(Source: Polygon, PC Gamer, Medium // Image: EA)








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