Epic Games Store Further Streamlines Refund Process To Within A Fortnight And Under Two Hours Played

The Epic Games Store may have an enticing revenue split ratio for developers to sell their games on, but it didn’t have the best refund policy for players. The company has been streamlining the process for players, and now it’s becoming more like that of Steam’s refund policy.

In other words, games bought within 14 days and played less than two hours will be eligible for refunds. Epic Games is still working on an automated process, but for now customers will still have to go through player support.

We also changed our refund policy. Unlimited refunds within 14 days of purchase and under 2 hours played. The team is working on the self-service solution, but for now, you'll have to go through player support.

— Sergey Galyonkin (@galyonkin) January 11, 2019

This step takes one negative point away from the Epic Games Store, at least when compared to Valve’s (currently) dominant platform. It now holds the revenue share advantage, and well as games like The Division 2, which its developer and publisher Ubisoft has decided to sell on its virtual shelves. Instead of Steam’s.

That said, the Epic Games Store is still not allowing user reviews, which is contentious at best. Discord has also announced a better revenue share ratio, but it remains to be seen if it’s significant enough a cut for developers to choose it over the Epic Games Store.

(Source: Eurogamer)








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