Facebook Is Trying To Track Your Smartphone Usage Habits Again With The New Study App

Earlier in January, it was revealed that Facebook had been paying people to let them gain access to their phones. It looks like the social media company is restarting the program anew, with the Study app on Android.


This time around, it looks like it will only be available to people aged 18 and above, rather than the 13-25 age window from before. Facebook also says that it will use your Facebook account to verify your age.

As for the kind of data that’s being collected, they range from installed apps, time spent on said apps, and data on specific features that you use. That said, the company said that it won’t see specific content like messages and passwords, nor will it use the collected data to send you targeted ads.

As for payment, the company says that it will be made through PayPal, which also has a minimum age requirement of 18. That said, no actual amount was disclosed. It’s also not something that you can just sign up for. It will launch only in the US and India initially, and you have to be targeted by Facebook to take part.

Previously, when the Research app was still a thing, Facebook said that the program will still continue on Android despite being discontinued on iOS. This Study app looks to be the form in which it returns.

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