Facebook Live Will Have Stricter Guidelines

Facebook has announced that it will have stricter guidelines for users to follow if they want to make use of Facebook Live. This comes as a result of the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand, with Facebook Live being used by the shooter to broadcast his actions.


In the announcement, Facebook said it will be practicing a “one strike” rule, where accounts violating serious policies will be restricted from using Facebook Live for certain periods of time. The social media platform also plans to extend the restrictions to other aspects of Facebook, including preventing violators from creating ads.

The company also said that it will be investing more into detecting manipulated media. It will be researching new ways to identify edited versions of banned content that escaped detection and deletion. In addition, it will also be researching methods to distinguish between people who unwittingly share restricted content and the creators of the manipulated media.

To that end, Facebook is will be working with The University of Maryland, Cornell University and The University of California. The social media platform also will be investing US$7.5 million (~31.3 million) in these research.

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