Facebook Messenger Unsend Message Feature Will Come With 10-Minute Limit

Earlier last month, it was reported that Facebook was working on a feature that allows you to unsend Messenger messages. When the feature goes live, it appears that you will only have a 10-minute window to do so.


The feature first came into light when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was found to be deleting messages he sent out. Back then, Facebook claimed that users will be allowed to unsend messages with no time limits, so the new 10-minute time window is quite the contradiction.

Conflicting message aside, it would seem like a pretty tight window, compared to the implementation by other apps. WhatsApp, a service now also owned by Facebook, gives users 68 minutes and 16 seconds to remove a mistakenly sent message.

INTERESTING… Facebook Messenger‘s long-awaited delete messages feature will only give you a 10 minute window to remove a message in a chat pic.twitter.com/ew1z2WPXbc

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) November 7, 2018

Twitter user Matt Navarra shared what he found when he spotted this feature – and its time limit – being listed as “coming soon.” This was in the release notes for version 191.0 of the iOS version of Messenger.

Unfortunately, that’s all that we have to go with. Since it’s listed as “coming soon,” there’s a chance that it’s something that will appear within the next update, at least for iOS.

(Source: Matt Navarra / Twitter via The Verge)








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