Fitbit Ionic Fitness Smartwatch Quietly Enters Malaysia: Available For RM 1399

Originally introduced to the world back in August, it has come to our attention that the new Fitbit Ionic has made its way into Malaysia. As the story goes, we accidentally stumbled upon the fitness-oriented smartwatch at All IT Hypermarket’s booth in the Malaysia IT Fair that is happening right now in Mid Valley Megamall.

It is indeed rather odd to see such a significant product from the company to just appear in our market without any fanfare as opposed to previous Fitbit trackers. This is due the fact that Ionic generally has taken over Surge as the highest-end product from the company to date.

Fitbit Ionic

Just like the Surge, the Ionic comes with built-in GPS capability and optical heart rate sensor together with the ability to display call and text notifi but surpassed the 2014 product quite a bit for several reasons. Aside from having a 1000 nits color display that is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the Ionic can be used to track swims as it designed to withstand up to water depth of 50 meters.

It also comes with 2.5GB internal storage that can be used to store more than 300 songs which means users don’t have to rely on their smartphones or other music players for workout songs although they still need Bluetooth headphones in order to listen. Through wireless headset, users would able to utilize the personal coaching feature on the Ionic which can be expanded through the subscription-based Fitbit Coach service.

Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Flyer.
Fitbit Ionic smartwatch and Fitbit Flyer wireless headphones.

Since Ionic is a proper smartwatch even though its running on its own proprietary operating system, there are several apps available for it including Strava, AccuWeather, Flipboard, Uber, Trip Advisor, and many more. The Ionic also features removable straps together with normal and GPS battery life of up to 5 days and 10 hours respectively.

As for its price, the Fitbit Ionic can be obtained at All IT booth in MITF throughout this weekend for RM 1,399. Alternatively, users are also able to pre-order the smartwatch from Harvey Norman who is also doing the same for the equally new Fitbit Flyer wireless headphones with a price tag of RM 590.














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