Foxconn Is Developing Affordable 8K Video Cameras With RED

We may see an 8K Foxconn/RED camera on store shelves in the near future. This is according to Foxconn which says that it is collaborating with the famed digital video camera maker to create an affordable professional-quality video camera for the masses.

Working with RED is only part of the long term plan, which focuses on building an ecosystem around displays and video technology. Foxconn acquired Sharp’s semiconductor business back in 2016 to get things started; and this looks to be the basis for the new direction for the company.

Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou told reporters that, “We will make cameras that will shoot professional-quality films in 8K resolution but at only a third of current prices and a third of current camera sizes.” That said, the two companies are still only in the process of hashing out the details of a joint venture. Any actual product could be a long way down the road.

Foxconn’s move comes as it is looking to diversify its business to compensate for weakening smartphone demand. A situation only made worse by its extremely thin margins from assembling iPhones and MacBooks. The company seeks to reduce dependency on orders from Apple, seeing that orders from the Cupertino company currently takes up 50% of its total sales.

RED cameras are some of the best in the business, and are used in most high-end production companies. However, prices have placed them outside the reach of most consumers; or even smaller companies. Having access to a more affordable alternative could allow for higher production values from budding movie industries.

(Source: Nikkei Asian Review)














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