Future iOS Updates Will Focus on Reliability with Less Emphasis on New Features

For the past few years, Apple offered quite a number of new features with every iOS update. Moving forward, however, it appears the Cupertino company will be taking a different approach.

According to people familiar with the matter, rather than focusing on introducing a slew of new features on the next iOS update, Apple will put more emphasis on offering a polished, reliable software experience and introducing only select key features. More likely than not, this is a response to customers’ complaint of buggy features and app crashes.

iPhone 8 // iPhone 8 Plus

This shift in software development will be in effect this year itself with the upcoming iOS update, which will likely be called iOS 12. One of the most noteworthy features that will be introduced in the new update is the ability to let a single third-party app work across iPhones, iPads, and Mac systems.

Aside from that, Animoji will be further improved too. Along with the addition of new characters and redesigned menu, the feature will also be coming to the iPad – it’s currently exclusive to the iPhone X. Apparently, Apple is working on a new iPad that will feature the Face ID camera system.

Apple’s new approach with its software development will be a difficult balance to strike, especially in terms of keeping up with competition from the Android space. On the other hand, the promise of a better software experience with minimal bugs will definitely be a plus point for Apple users.

(Source: Bloomberg)








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