Galax Unveils The GTX 1070 Ti HOF Graphics Card

Galax has showcased its latest graphics card called the GTX 1070 Ti HOF. For those who are not aware, Galax’s HOF (Hall Of Fame) series of graphics cards feature the industry’s best components for the sole purpose of obtaining the best possible 3DMark benchmark scores – at least according to Galax.

When it comes to design, the GTX 1070 Ti HOF retains the same aesthetics as previous HOF series graphics cards. The new Galax card features an all white cooler shroud along with three 90mm open-air cooling fans (TriMax), which Galax claims will remain relatively silent even under heavy load. Besides that, the GTX 1070 Ti HOF is equipped with a backplate as well.

Performance-wise, the GTX 1070 Ti HOF features the same clock speeds as other custom GTX 1070 Ti graphics cards in the market. That said, Galax has fitted this graphics card with one-click option (through Galax’s Xtreme Tuner Plus) for consumers to bump up the clock speeds significantly. To be more specific, one this is done, the clock speeds of this graphics card is raised to 1657MHz (base) and 1860MHz (boost).

Unfortunately, the pricing and release date of the GTX 1070 Ti HOF was not mentioned by Galax at the time of writing. That said, we do expect this graphics card to come with a rather hefty price tag once it becomes available to the public.

(Source: VideoCardz, SegmentNext)








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