GOG Is Giving The First Witcher Game For Free

Even if you’ve never played The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, you’ll have at least heard amazing things about it from someone who did. If you’ve always wanted to give the series a try but never gotten to it, GOG is giving you a reason to, as it’s currently giving away the first game for free.


Well, free in terms of monetary costs at least. That said, all you actually need to do is to have Gwent in your library, and subscribe to the GOG newsletter. The giveaway also included a free card keg for the Gwent card game.

If you’re wondering what Gwent is, it’s the standalone card game based on the same card game within the Witcher universe. It’s featured in the Witcher novels, and also playable within The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

There’s no clear indication of when this giveaway will end. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to claim it first and play it some time down the line. And maybe this free game will finally help you get to the famous third game of the series.

(Source: GOG via Eurogamer)








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