Goodbye Ahmad Idham: FINAS CEO to be Replaced?

CEO of FINAS Ahmad Idham sent social media into a frenzy a few weeks ago, when he urged the government to censor contents on Netflix and other streaming platforms. He claimed that these platforms are filled with content that could be harmful to children and youth of Malaysia. Naturally, most of us started flipping proverbial tables all over social media. After all, parents can literally filter out content they find inappropriate for their kids, by creating kid/teen-friendly profiles and set up digital locks.


Not to mention, Ahmad Idham sounds incredibly pretentious and hypocritical considering a couple of years ago, he produced, directed and starred in a film — Pencuri Hati Mr. Cinderella — where the leading lady gets roofied and raped and the rapist’s only repercussion is to marry the girl.

However, a few days later, the Chairman of FINAS, Datuk Hans Isaac rubbished off Ahmad Idham’s ideas, stating that FINAS will not be the moral police as Netflix can be filtered by users themselves. Now, it looks like Ahmad Idham’s position as the CEO of FINAS may no longer be safe. According to Astro Awani, Ahmad Idham will most likely be replaced by someone else sooner rather than later.

Ahmad Idham was initially offered a two-year contract by the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, to be the CEO of FINAS. The contract is set to expire in March 2021. That said, Idham is going on leave for three months starting next month, after which he may not be returning to FINAS. Translated from Astro Awani:

Based on the at the current situation, it looks like Ahmad Idham will not be returning to FINAS next March. The reason provided is that he needs some time off to settle personal issues.

FINAS has not confirmed the matter.

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