Google Assistant Will Now Warn You About Possible Flight Delays

Google Assistant recently got an improvement of sorts. The search engine received a flight delay prediction update, thus allowing it to predict any possibility of a flight being delayed.

Specifically, the new flight delay prediction algorithm can a possible delay in your flight with an 85% level of accuracy. It does this by using historic flight status data and combining it with machine learning.

Google states that upon completing the data analysis, its new feature is able to these predictions well in advance of airline officially confirming delays. Naturally, finding out if your flight is delayed can be conducted by prompting the Assistant with the usual “Hey Google”, followed by the corresponding flight delay question.

The feature is currently being rolled out, so if you haven’t received the update, do be patient. Once you receive the update, Google Assistant will also begin to “proactively” notify you when and if it predicts a delay.

This is act is no different than when Google provides you with automatic update regarding the weather or traffic conditions when you’re about to go home. All in all, it’s a nice feature to have active, plus it’s not all that invasive.

(Source: Google via Techspot)









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