Google DeepMind AI Can Detect Breast Cancer As Good As Real Life Doctors

Breast cancer is an affliction that indiscriminately ravages people the world over, and one crucial step to dealing with the dastardly disease is to get an early diagnosis. On that note, some of you may be happy to learn that Google’s DeepMind AI has been trained to detect breast cancer as well as, if not better, than experts or the most skilled radiologist.


According to the UK-based AI company that was bought out by Google in 2014, it trained its AI by using a total of 91000 “de-identified” data of women residing both in the US and UK. Upon completion, the AI’s algorithm then tested 25000 scans in the UK and an additional 3000 scans from the US. Four images of each test were then put into its neural network with scores between zero to one. The latter being a subject of higher risk.

Ultimately, DeepMind proved that it was able to reduce false positive by 5.7% and false negatives by 9.4% in the US. While the UK readings saw a reduction of 1.2% for false positives and 2.7% for false negatives, suggesting that the US detection system is less accurate than the UK’s.

(Image source: PA Images via Wired)

Beyond the scope of healthcare, DeepMind is more famously known among the AI and tech circles as the AI that defeated a reigning Korean Go player back in 2017. Additionally, DeepMind has also trained its AI in popular game titles, including Starcraft II and Quake III Arena.

(Source: Wired via Engadget, Hot Hardware // Image: BSIP via Getty Images)














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