Google Not Planning To Reduce 30 Percent Cut From Play Store Sales

According to a recent earnings call, it appears that Google has no intention of changing the 70:30 revenue split model that it has in place for sales on the Play Store. This comes in response to questions asking if maintaining it is a good long term strategy for Google Play.


The question, in turn, was likely due to the fact that Epic Games has made Fortnite available outside of the Play Store. As you might already know, consumers don’t need to download the highly popular game through Google Play as per the majority of games out there since Fortnite is available directly from Epic Games’ website for free.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that the Play Store is something many developers rely on to safely and seamlessly distribute their games. He goes on to say that “there’s a value exchange there and it’s been an industry standard,”.

It is not known whether developers out there agree with that statement but Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney was known to be highly vocal against the 30 percent cut by Google. He previously stated that the fee was”disproportionate to the cost of services these stores perform, such as payment processing, download bandwidth, and customer service,”.

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