Google Translate’s Instant Camera Translation Update Adds Support For 60 More Languages

Those who have given the Instant Camera Translation feature on Google Translate a go will know that it’s very much a hit-or-miss experience. Google has given the feature an upgrade to not only make it more accurate, but also to support more languages.


On the better translation front, Google is incorporating Neural Machine Translation into the Google Translate app. This improves translation accuracy by between 55% to 85%. Google says that translations will be better if your device is connected to the internet. But if that’s not an option, the feature can be used offline if you’ve downloaded the involved languages.

Instant Camera Translation will now also be able to detect what language you’re trying to translate from on its own. This will be especially useful in places where multiple languages are frequently used in tandem. And for when you are in such places, Google has added support for 60 languages. You can now get translations from 88 languages to over 100 supported languages using the Instant Camera Translation.

Google has begun rolling out the new update for the Translate app. if you haven’t gotten the update, chances are it will reach you within the coming few weeks.








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