Google’s Portrait Mode Is Now Available To Most Android Smartphones

Google’s impressive Pixel 2 Camera app with its single-lens Portrait Mode is now available on phones running Samsung’s Exynos processors. This third party solution is part of an effort to get the Portrait Mode from the app working on phones that don’t necessarily have the dual-camera setup to simulate a shallow depth of field.

The latest port of the Google Camera App also features the highly-praised HDR+ mode for high dynamic range images. Although, there are drawbacks when running on hardware that isn’t optimised for the process. The portrait mode is not available for selfies, and the app may take some time to process images.

Developers have been working to port the Camera App since the Pixel 2 became available to the public. Earlier builds were already working on Qualcomm powered devices, but this is the first time that it has successfully been tweaked to run with Samsung’s Exynos processors.

Getting hold of the port requires the user to download and install a third party app. It’s not exactly something that everyone would do, but it may be worth the effort to add a little more to your phone’s camera. Just don’t expect it to have a smooth and seamless performance. This is, after all, a third party port.

(Source: XDA-Developer via PhoneArena )








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