Hackers Go After Fortnite Battle Royale Accounts; Make In-game Purchases Worth Hundreds Of Dollars

Players of the game Fortnite Battle Royale recently discovered that their accounts had been hacked after some of them began receiving receipts for in-game purchases that they never made, amounting to several hundreds of dollars. More specifically, the hackers had made these purchases via an attached credit card through PayPal.

In the case of one player, he discovered that his account had been hacked after his friend contacted him, saying that his account’s character was seen in a game mode that could only be accessed upon purchase. Shortly after being informed, the player then received two email receipts, both charging him for purchase amounting to US$149.99 (~RM585) and US$99.99 (~RM390).

He wasn’t the only one: another player, who said that he hadn’t logged in for months, said that he was charged close to a total of US$210 (~RM820) for two purchases.

(Image source: StrokeTJ via YouTube)

Naturally, the player got in touch with the game’s developer, Epic Games, notifying them of the hack, to which he received a refund from them shortly after. Some players haven’t been so lucky, though; a player by the name of RottenRazer said that Epic Games had not gotten back to him after lodging a report.

“The hackers spent US$110, used all my codes and selected all my in-game founder items. I emailed them three times via their help site saying my account was compromised and for a refund, tweeted them, and called their HQ. Still no response from them either.”

Suffice to say, Epic Games is fully aware of the situation, and while it scrambles to deal with the fallout, the company has now added in a two-factor authentication layer to players’ accounts. The developer also posted a security checklist on its site which details the “dos and don’ts” of account security.

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