Here Are All The New Features On The Redesigned Maybank2u Website

To be officially available to public later this week, Maybank today has unveiled a new look for Maybank2u online banking site. While the bank has attempted similar effort few years ago, the 2018 redesign offers a much better implementation than it did in 2013.

As mentioned earlier, among the objective of the redesign is to provide a more simplified online banking experience to users. One of the ways that the bank tried to achieve that is through the site’s new dashboard which allows customers to see and access their bank accounts and investments quickly.

Dashboard for the 2018 Maybank2u website refresh.
The upcoming Goal Savings Plan for the 2018 Maybank2u website refresh.

At the same time, the new design has also finally made Maybank2u website much more usable in mobile environment as compared to the existing design. Furthermore, users can also now upload their own Security Image as well as choose personalized theme for the site which change according to the time of the day.

Aside from new UI, Maybank has also come out with new set of features for the site. However, these new functionalities will only be made available to users in coming weeks and months as they will be rolled out in stages.

The upcoming Goal Savings Plan for the 2018 Maybank2u website refresh.
The new Spending Pattern Tracker, part of the 2018 Maybank2u website refresh.

One such function is the Goal Savings Plan which allows users to put aside their savings automatically into sub-accounts that will be created under their existing Maybank accounts. They can then set a specific category that is relevant to the goals of these sub-accounts such as travel, shopping, retirement, and more. By doing this, Maybank will be able to notify you of promotions that are related to these categories.

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The other new features that will be available users soon as part of Maybank2u’s website redesign is Spending Pattern Tracker for debit and credit card. Through this particular feature, users will be able to see their spending habit in categorized manner and will also be able to set monthly limits to their cards. Once users hit the specified limit, they will receive SMS notifications from Maybank.

Quick Pay feature, coming soon to Maybank2u website.
Dedicated dashboard for insurance on the 2018 Maybank2u website refresh.

Other than that, the newly redesigned site will also include another new feature called Quick Pay. Located on the site’s side bar, it allows users to complete any of their 5 most frequent transactions with just a single mouse click. Last but not least, Maybank will also provide a dedicated dashboard for users to monitor and manage their insurance policies.

While there are no specific roll-out dates for the new features that we mentioned above, Maybank representative stated that all of them should be available to users by Q3 this year. Meanwhile, you can give the newly redesigned Maybank2u website a try right here ahead of its official launch on 19 April.








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