Here’s How You Can Own Your Favourite Huawei Devices From Just RM8.97 Per Day

Huawei’s 12.12 year-end sale and its flash deals have come and gone. The good news is that Huawei’s Together 2020 Smart Life Package plan is still ongoing, meaning that you can still own several of your favourite Huawei devices through a series of instalments.

The Together 2020 Smart Life Package comes in six pre-packed variety, each designed to cater to a specific archetype. For the health nut, there’s the Sports and Health package that comprises the Huawei Nova 5T, 46mm Watch GT2, FreeBuds 3, and a 1st generation Body Scale. With a total value of RM3,273, all this will cost only RM8.97 a day under Huawei’s Together 2020 Smart Life Package plan.

But what if you’re a constant traveller, currently lost in wanderlust? Luckily for you, there’s the Smart Travel Essentials package. With this package, you get a Mate30 Pro, meaning that you’re guaranteed some incredibly amazing and detailed shots. Moving on, you also get a MediaPad M6, and both a pair of FreeBuds 3 and Huawei x Gentle Monster smart glasses. All this is yours, for a fee of RM22.13 a day.

For the one that wants it all, there’s the Smart Fans Flagship package. Essentially a grand package, choosing this package entitles fans to a Mate 30 Pro, a Matebook 13 (with an Intel Core i7 CPU), a 46mm Watch GT2, a pair of Freebuds 3, a Huawei Q2 Pro wireless router, and the Huawei x Gentle Monster smart glasses. In total, the value of the products come up to RM11,874, but under the smart package instalment plan, you need only pay a sum of RM32.53 per day to be able to own all these devices.

If neither of these packages entices you, fret not. As part of the offer, Huawei is also allowing its fans to mix-and-match their own package, based on what they want to use. Of course, the terms and conditions in customising your own package are a little different. In order to qualify for the Together 2020 Smart Life Package, the cost of your package will, at the bare minimum, need to be within RM500 and RM999 mark. By doing so, you’ll then qualify for a 6-months instalment package.

For those with a package deal worth RM1,000 or more, you’ll qualify for the 12-months instalment package plan. Oh, and before we forget, all package deals come with 0% interest and 0% processing fee, meaning that the price you see is the exact price you pay.

Interested? Then you can head on over to the official Huawei Together 2020 Smart Life Package page to learn more and begin customising your own plan.

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