How About A Russian Cybertruck Knock-Off At Only US$10,000?

If you thought Columbia almost got away with a knock-off Nintendo Switch, wait till you see what the Russians did. Holy Elon Moscow, comrade Batman. They made a copy of the Tesla Cybertruck and it’s going for only RUB666,666 / US$10,000 (~RM44,605).


As much as we want to believe that the Russians cloned Elon Musk and formed an anti-Tesla company to compete against the West, the origin of the not-Cybertruck was actually meant as a joke. The knock-off was created by Russian YouTube channel Pushka Garazh (Gun Garage in English), a team that focuses on modding low-budget local cars with cheap materials, handiwork, and lots of Russian “charm”.

The not-Cybertruck is actually a LADA 2109 hatchback that was plastered with sheet metal. Seeing how Musk’s original truck already has a simple yet “futuristic” design, Pushka Garazh actually did a good job imitating the overall look on their version of the vehicle. You’ll be able to witness how the team constructed the car in the provided video.

The biggest catch of the Cybertruck’s Russian cousin? It only has one door for entry and exit, which is a large hatch located on the car’s rear. Other than that, the vehicle is also equipped with custom wheels complete with Tesla logos, and fully tinted panoramic plastic windows. Its body’s durability when it comes to impact resistance is questionable at best, and the windows could be bullet-proof if you imagined hard enough.

The team placed the not-Cybertruck on sale after it was spotted driving around Moscow, which caught a lot of attention on Russian social media. While the vehicle is priced far less compared to the original, the team revealed the project only cost them RUB80,000 (~RM5352) for the modding, materials, and the car itself.

Well, do you still think that this version is worth it?

(Source: RT.com // Images: Pushka Garazh.)















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