Huawei Halts Planned Laptop Launch As A Result Of US Sanction

The Information reports that Huawei has postponed the upcoming launch of a new Windows laptop. According to the report, the Chinese tech giant was set to reveal the laptop this week. But with the US executive order in place, Huawei’s access to Microsoft’s Windows OS and Intel’s processors have been cut off.


According to Huawei employees, the affected laptop was set to be revealed during CES Asia, currently ongoing in Shanghai. They also said that company has not set any new date for the launch of the laptop.

Not much is known about the laptop in question though. The MateBook 13 was one of the last laptops announced by the company, which debuted in CES earlier in January. From that, one could probably make a safe guess that it isn’t a refresh of the MateBook line.

In a similar vein, it appears that Huawei has also halted production and development of if its own laptops, according to Digitimes. This is in addition to the reduction of phone orders the company made with Taiwanese tech manufacturer Foxconn.

(Source: The Information, Digitimes via The Verge)








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