Huawei Quietly Launches Android Oreo Beta Program For Mate 9

Just as the company is getting ready to launch Mate 10 next week, it seems that Huawei has quietly launches the Android Oreo 8.0 beta test for Mate 9. Apparently ,this is a limited run test before the company officially releases the update to the global audience.

We have seen screenshots of the new update on the Mate 9, and it looks like a lucky few will be experiencing the new OS update on their units. However, Huawei is limiting the number of beta testers; only 250 people will be chosen.

Furthermore, only Huawei Mate 9 with the MHA-L29C432B194 firmware will be able to participate in this program. If you are one of the lucky few, you will need to download the Beta Friendly User Test from Huawei and cross your fingers that you are chosen.

Since the program will end on 3 November, it is likely that the update will be rolled out just before or by the end date. As the Huawei Mate 10 launch is just around the corner, the official release of the update must not be far.

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