Illegear Selenite and Onyx Gaming Laptops To Be Available with NVIDIA GeForce RTX Options Soon

While NVIDIA might have just announced the GeForce RTX graphics for laptops mere days ago, one Malaysian-based company has already confirmed that the GPUs will be heading to their laptop very soon. That company is none other than the well-known custom laptop and desktop outfit, Illegear.

For starters, Illegear will be offering RTX 2070 and RTX 2060 options for two of its gaming laptop: the 17.3-inch Selenite and the 15.6-inch Onyx. The exact GPU that customers can choose depends on which model that they like to purchase.

The Selenite can be obtained with RTX 2070 8GB and RTX 2060 6GB with both being the full Max-P variant. On another hand, customers can choose to have either the full Max-P version of RTX 2060 6GB or the RTX 2070 8GB Max-Q for Onyx.

To take full advantage of these new GeForce RTX GPUs, customers can opt for 144Hz display panel for their Illegear laptops. The availability and pricing of these RTX-based gaming laptops are not yet known for the time being though but nevertheless, Illegear has promised that such information will be revealed very soon at its website in which customers will also able to pre-order these devices by that time.








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