Intel Coffee Lake-X and Cannon Lake-X CPUs Will Run On New X399 Chipset

A leaked document posted on Twitter has confirmed that Intel will be releasing a new X399 chipset. Not to be confused with AMD’s X399 chipset for Threadripper, Intel’s own X399 chipset will support its upcoming Coffee Lake-X and Cannon Lake-X High-end Desktop (HEDT) CPUs.

The image shows a cropped portion from a document taken from Intel’s website. Posted by Twitter user @momomo_us, the unannounced chipset for both Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake-based HEDT CPUs are listed down in the fourth column of the table.

It’s clear that Intel intends to make the X399 chipset support the new CPUs, just as they did with Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X on its current X299 HEDT chipset. Unfortunately, the table doesn’t seem say if the new chipset will retain the same LGA 2066 layout or if it will be using an entirely new array.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Release Notes
Cannon Point-H
9th Gen CNL
Kaby Point

— 188号 (@momomo_us) April 25, 2018

Having said that, it’s very unlikely that Intel would actually change the number of pins on the X399 chipset, especially since it’s only been about a year since the company first launched the X299 chipset.

(Source: Hot Hardware via Twitter)








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