Intel Halts The Development of Compute Cards; Modular Computing Remains A Dream

Intel has confirmed through a statement for Tom’s Hardware that the company has stopped the development of Compute Cards. First revealed to the world at CES 2017, it is a highly compact computing device that contained a number of essentials components within a very small casing around the size of a credit card.


The Compute Card is generally a manifestation of Intel’s vision for modular computing but as it turns out, the device comes with its own challenges which made it rather hard to adopt Compute Card into an actual device. This is based on the blog posting by NexDock which was one of Intel’s partner that was working on a device that utilizes Intel Compute Cards up till its cancellation.

In the blog post, the company described the development process for the Compute Card-based NexPad (shown above) which was affected by cost and various software issues. By the time the company has finally solved all the issues in 2019, it turns out the Intel have pulled out the plug on Compute Card.

What left now are the same Compute Cards that Intel launched at Computex 2017 which were equipped with 7th Gen Intel Core Y-series processors as well as Celeron and Pentium chips. While Intel will continue selling the remaining stocks and provide support throughout this year to customers that already adopted Compute Cards, it is already quite clear that this is the end of the road for the company’s latest effort on modular computing.

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(Source: Tom’s Hardware. // Image: NexDock.)








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